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All You Need is the Right Attitude Claims Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions

Press release   •   Mar 06, 2018 13:18 GMT

In a workshop with aspiring entrepreneurs, Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions’ Managing Director Simon Reynolds delivered an inspiring talk on why when it comes to success, attitude is everything.

Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions: News Room

Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions has long been committed to inspiring action in young sales and marketing professionals, and regularly holds skills workshops and offers mentoring to support the ambitions of Norfolk’s aspiring sales and marketing entrepreneurs.

Last week, Simon Reynolds, Managing Director of Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions held an inspirational meeting for sales and marketing professionals, focusing on how the right attitude can transform a person’s business journey.

In the meeting, Mr Reynolds told the story of a man called Jerry, who was always positive. Jerry believed in life; people have two choices, they can choose to be in a good mood or a bad mood. By choosing to be positive Jerry was able to see the good in every situation and lift up the people around him when they were struggling.

‘Essentially, each time something bad happens to Jerry, he can choose to be the victim, or he can choose to learn from it’ outlines Mr Reynolds.

In the story, Mr Reynolds told his audience that Jerry worked in a restaurant. One night he left the back door open and was shot by robbers. After 18 hours of surgery and weeks of intensive care, Jerry was released from the hospital. When asked how he was in the following weeks, Jerry was still as positive as ever. When questioned as to why he said that he was presented with two choices, he could choose to live or choose to die. When asked in the hospital if he was allergic to anything, Jerry didn't cry, he merely smiled and yelled ‘bullets’.

‘The takeaway from the story is that despite the odds not being in Jerry’s favour he found the resolve to remain positive. While it would have been easier to give up, He took the harder route and used his strength to block out the negative. I love this story as it highlights that when we chose to maintain a positive attitude, we can become unstoppable’. States Mr Reynolds of Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions.

The managing director is confident that the inspirational story has helped his workforce to reevaluate how they approach life and that even in situations that feel out of control, it is possible to carve a route to success. ‘It’s important for every young entrepreneur to learn that they cannot control every variable. However, a shift in attitude is all it takes to face issues head-on and come out the other side stronger.’ Managing Director- Simon Reynolds


Managing Director – Simon Reynolds


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