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Alpha Gamma Solutions heaps Pressure on Industry Leaders to create Positivity at Work

Press release   •   Mar 30, 2018 12:51 BST

Leicester-based direct sales and marketing experts Alpha Gamma Solutions believe creating a positive work environment is integral to business success. In a recent meeting with their team, the firm revealed how they will be putting pressure on industry leaders to proactively create more positivity at work.

Alpha Gamma Solutions: About the firm.

Alpha Gamma Solutions stated earlier this year that they would be dedicating more time to creating a fun, friendly and nurturing workplace for their hardworking contractors, in a bid to boost productivity over the course of 2018. Managing Director Alexander Graf, who is a firm believer of positive working environment generating higher productivity rates, this week highlighted the various ways his company would be setting the standard for others in the industry to follow. 

Graf listed the following three-pointers as key contributors to establishing a more positive atmosphere:

1. Paying closer attention to the work environment

Alpha Gamma Solutions believes attention should be paid to both the aesthetics of the workplace - décor, organisation, cleanliness – as well as the dynamic that is created within the company office space. The firm's Managing Director has testified on several occasions to the fact that keeping an eye on the personalisation of his contractors' work place really encourages them to appropriately and productively utilise their space.

2. Stop being a boss and instead be a leader

By refraining from being a stereotypical boss and consequently bossing team members around, the firm have asserted the importance of replacing terms such as "you should" with "let's....". In an industry as highly competitive as sales and marketing, Alpha Gamma Solutions identify the importance of allowing their contractors to feel their hard work will improve their lives - not just that of the company.

3. Opt for face-to-face over written communication

This third and final pointer is a big one for Alpha Gamma Solutions and is a rule of thumb firmly followed by management. Whenever possible the company try to replace written communication with a personal face to face discussion. In this modern age of digital communication, the firm believe it is important to put a face to a problem or solution, allowing their contractors an opportunity to reassure them that a human being will be there for them when they need to reach out for help.

Outsourced sales and marketing firm, Alpha Gamma Solutions, has positioned itself as a niche service that allows for in-person communication with customers. This face-to-face marketing technique can easily be personalised and adapted to specific individual needs, resulting in more emotion being added to the sale because customer preferences are learned and responded.

Customers are more likely to purchase a product or service if it meets their requirements because it will generate a strong emotional response. Alpha Gamma Solutions provide this personalised marketing service to customers and have since seen their customer acquisition numbers soar.



Alexander Graf - Director

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