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Alpha Gamma Solutions publish their how-to guide for eliminating negativity.

Press Release   •   Jan 31, 2018 11:26 GMT

Outsourced sales and marketing specialist,  Alpha Gamma Solutions believes that  success starts in the mind and that a positive mindset generates positive results.

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As part of its comprehensive professional development programme, the Leicester based firm Alpha Gamma Solutions has taken the time this week to teach contractors the importance of maintaining a positive attitude at all times.

According to research conducted by Sharp, 63 percent of the UK workforce has negative feelings towards their company environment. Alpha Gamma Solutions believes that it doesn’t have to be like this and is determined to make a positive impact on the industry.

The firm stated that to thrive in the sales and marketing sector it is vital that contractors learn how to safeguard their attitude. Alpha Gamma Solutions make a concerted effort to help its workforce eliminate negativity and urges its contractors to continuously look for ways that they can turn negatives into positives.

During a motivational workshop held for contractors this week, Alpha Gamma Solutions shared its definitive how-to guide for eliminating negativity. Here it outlined three of its top tips:

Always set realistic goals - Alpha Gamma Solutions explained that it is easy to get carried away when setting personal and professional goals. However, the firm reminded contractors that it is essential that they set themselves achievable goals in order maintain their motivation. The firm’s Managing Director, Alexander Graf stated “Many people start setting themselves big goals that in reality, may be impossible to achieve. Although it is important to think big, it is also important to be realistic and take small steps to the big goals.”

Look at “problems” as challenges - During the workshop, Mr Graf encouraged his contractors to transform the way they perceived problems radically. He explained that in the competitive and fast paced sales and marketing industry, some people take rejection and obstacles negatively. They then choose to get disheartened and see each of these issues. Instead of going down this path, Mr Graf helped his contractors understand that by retraining their thought process to view these obstacles as challenges they automatically increase their chances of success.

Wake up on the right side of the bed - At some point in everyone’s life, they have been asked if they woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Mr Graf believes that individuals who start their day in a negative space are often doomed to repeat negative patterns throughout the day. Instead, Mr Graf encouraged his workforce to always wake up on the right side of the bed. Mr Graf suggested that they ask themselves the following three questions every day to help get themselves in a positive headspace on a daily basis: 

1) What am I excited about doing today?

2) Who can I encourage or support today? 

3) What am I grateful for?

Reflecting on the session, Mr Graf said “The New Year always encourages individuals to make positive changes and set goals for themselves. Today, I wanted to help my workforce understand that by eliminating negativity, they are more likely to be successful every day. By equipping them with these tools, I am confident that they have everything they need to take control of their professional development.”


Alexander Graf, Managing Director