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An Introduction To Design On The Brand New Nokia Lumia 900

Press release   •   Mar 17, 2012 10:08 GMT

Over the past three years Nokia have lost some ground in the smartphone market thanks to many of their devices running on the outdated Symbian operating system. In a bid to compete with the major players in the market Nokia have turned their attentions to the impressive Windows operating system which they have incorporated on their new Lumia range of devices. We take a look at design and screen technology on the superb Nokia Lumia 900, the flagship model in this new line up.

We are very impressed with the stylish design on the new Nokia Lumia 900. Essentially this phone is a larger version of the popular Lumia 800 which was released towards the end of 2011. The handset is not the most compact phone that we have ever encountered but nobody would expect it to be considering a large 4.3 inch screen is incorporated. The body of the model is constructed from a single piece of Polycarbonate which not only looks superb but also helps the phone keep its weight down to just 160 grammes. The phone boasts a very angular design which is a pleasant change from the traditional curved design that Nokia have favoured on many previous models. The right hand side of the phone is where you will find the camera key and the volume buttons located. On the bottom of the phone a micro USB port is present for connecting the phone to a home computer or laptop and this is joined by a 3.5mm stereo socket so that users can enjoy music that is stored on the device through a variety of different headphones.

The Nokia Lumia 900uses a high quality screen which is perfect for a variety of tasks from web browsing to movie playback. The 4.3 inch screen uses Super AMOLED technology which helps the model to produce vibrant colours and great levels of detail. In terms of resolution the phone is capable of displaying 480 x 800 pixels which means that the phone can display a pixel density of 217PPI. Although this standard of resolution is lower than what many rival devices may offer the incorporation of ClearBlack technology helps to boost the screen performance to a level that equals what a number of other premium phones can display. ClearBlack technology is developed by Nokia and basically combines a number of polarised layers that help the phone to reduce reflections and therefore offer improved legibility in bright conditions.

The Nokia Lumia 900 is a superb new handset from the prolific Finnish manufacturer. The model offers a stylish and eye catching design while the impressive Super AMOLED display helps the phone to produce outstanding image quality.

The Nokia Lumia 900 and the iPhone 4S are available now.

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