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An Introduction To Some Practical Car Accessories For The Exceptional New HTC One X

Press release   •   Mar 21, 2012 14:37 GMT

The new HTC One X is the manufacturer’s latest flagship Android smartphone. Alongside the release of the phone itself, there were also a few impressive accessories produced exclusively for the phone. In this article I will look at the car accessories produced for the model.


Most smartphones have a number of accessories available for in-car use. However, many of these are generic and mass produced allowing users to get them for a low price. The HTC One X car accessories however are premium products, designed for this specific phone, and produced by HTC rather than being mass manufactured in the far east, as is the case with many other mobile phone accessories.


HTC Car Kit

This is a device which mounts to your dashboard or windscreen, to hold the phone in a position where you can clearly see the screen. It looks well designed, and complements the design of the phone. Obviously, having your phone mounted in the correct position will allow you to easily follow the directions provided by the HTC Navigation app, or allow you to answer calls so you can talk via the HTC Car Mic.


HTC Car Mic

This is a unit which attaches discreetly to the sun visor of your car. It connects to the handset wirelessly via Bluetooth, and allows you to talk on the phone without taking your eyes off the road. It has both a loudspeaker and a microphone, so operates as an all in one unit. A benefit of this accessory is that you can still make handsfree calls even if your car does not have Bluetooth connectivity, so can be used in any vehicle with a sun visor. You once you have paired the HTC One X with the HTC Car Mic, it will automatically reconnect every time you enter your car with the phone.


HTC Car Stereo Clip

This is an accessory which allows you to wirelessly stream music through your car’s existing stereo and speakers. It simply plugs into a 3.5mm auxiliary port, and then music stored on your phone’s internal memory and/or microSD slot. If you are lucky enough to own an HTC One X, chances are you will already have your music collection stored in the phone. This makes it very convenient to select the tracks you want, as you do not have to find CDs. This will also save space in your car’s storage compartments, doing away with bulky CD wallets and cases.


The car accessories provided by HTC means that the HTC One X essentially, replaces three additional gadgets. Navigation, handsfree calls, and wireless music streaming means that you can use your phone to replace a separate SatNav unit, handsfree kit and CDs. Although there is an initial investment required to obtain the accessories (they are not included with the phone), it is likely that most will find the convenience provided by these accessories worth it in the long run.


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