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An Introduction To The iOS 5 Software On The Versatile iPhone 4S

Press release   •   Mar 23, 2012 18:18 GMT

The Apple iPhone 4S is the most popular smartphone in the world, with millions of users around the world choosing the phone for its innovative features and ease of use. A major part of the success of the iPhone 4S is the iOS operating system. In this article I will look at the software and some of its key features.


IOS is the smartphone and tablet operating system found on all Apple smartphones, tablets and iPod touches. It is instantly recognisable due to its simple interface in which apps are neatly laid out, ready to be opened with a tap of the touchscreen. When the phone is unlocked, 16 apps are displayed in a 4x 4 grid, and to access the next or previous screen, you simply swipe the screen left or right with your finger. Like other versions, the iPhone 4S has the standard apps such as Phone, Messages, iPod, Safari (Apples web browsing app) etc already installed on the phone, along with a number of others. Users also have access to the famous AppStore, which plays a massive part in the popularity of the iPhone 4S. Allows users to browse various categories, where hundreds of thousands of apps are available to be downloaded, either for free or for a fee ranging from a few pence to several hundred pounds depending on the title of the app.


The latest version of iOS, version 5, has a number of customisable features. For example, users can set up folders, where they can group a number of apps. For example, you can create a folder for all your social networking apps, where you can relocate you Facebook or Twitter apps, or make a shopping folder where you can store your eBay and Amazon apps for example. This makes it easy to group apps of the same category, and for added convenience you can give the folders a title of your choice. Even if you choose not to, iOS 5 will automatically label a folder based on the nature of the apps it contains.


If you wish to view the last 4 apps you used, simply double tap the home button, and these will appear along the bottom of the interface. This is a handy feature if you tend to use the same apps often, as it allows you to access then instantly. If you hold down the home button, you will be taken to the Siri feature, where you can then interact with the phone using your voice to accomplish a r ange of different tasks. When you double tap the home button when the screen is locked, it shows an iPod shortcut, which allows you to play music without unlocking the screen. The available controls are limited to simple functions like play/pause, skip tracks and volume settings. For more control over your music, simply select the iPod app when the screen is unlocked.


As you can see, although the iOS 5 platform appears simple, it offers many more features than meets the eye. The iPhone 5 is due for release later this year, so we can expect to see even more innovations to the popular platform.


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