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Analyst Says Samsung Galaxy S3 Bumps Samsung’s Lead Over Apple

Press Release   •   Jul 17, 2012 08:53 BST

It is not a surprise as Samsung continues to increase its dominating power over its rival Apple. This is all thanks to the launce of the latest Galaxy S handset the Samsung Galaxy S3. It has been more than a year since the two Tech giants have been fighting for the bigger chunk of the market for smartphones. We also know that Samsung has been often the winner in this smartphone arena. Analysts polled out by Reuters states that Samsung’s current lead increased even further last quarter.

This is all thanks to the heavy boosting (and heavy demand) for the new Samsung Galaxy S3. During the second quarter, Samsung sold over 50 Million units and this is according to 41 analysts. The figure easily surpasses the 30.5 Million iPhone units have sold. With the Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3 teaming up for Samsung, they may also deliver a record quarter for the Korean tech Giant.

Analyst Francisco Jeronimo said that they are also expecting to see the biggest smartphone volume ever shipped from a single vendor in just a single quarter. This is driven by the strong demand of the famous Galaxy portfolio (the Galaxy S2 and S3 in particular).

We all know that there are two factors that strongly played into Samsung’s hands and they are timing and huge product line. The company continues to offer and launch differentphones, and they can hit the market any time. On the other hand, Apple has only the iPhone with sales that are dependent on a once a year launch only.

Because of this, Nokia has been hurt by the continuing dominance of Samsung. This also has ended Nokia’s 14 year stretch as the top player during the first quarter. The gap is also expected to grow says Analysts.

Samsung have sold over 15.7 Million more handsets than Nokia did in the second quarter. This is a huge bump over the first quarter with 3.4 Million phones sold as their difference.

On a lighter note, Apple will soon release its result on the 24th of this month. Samsung will also announce their result the (for the same period) on the 27th of this month.

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