Andrew Winch Designs

Andrew Winch Designs creates for the ICEHOTEL

Press release   •   Dec 03, 2012 12:51 GMT

Earlier in the year, we entered a competition to design a suite for this year’s ICE HOTEL. Selected from hundreds of artist’s submissions, we were thrilled to be one of only six new artists to win with our design inspired by the BLUE Marine Foundation.

Since the first ICE HOTEL was constructed twenty-three years ago, it has grown in size each year and is now the largest hotel of ice and snow in the world! Excited to have been invited to carve one of the fifteen suites for this year’s hotel, Andrew and fellow artists from the Andrew Winch Designs studio have travelled to Jukkasjärvi, Sweden to turn our award winning design into a reality!

Over the course of the two week build process, the Andrew Winch Designs team will carve by hand two tonnes of solid snow and ice from the frozen, clean water of the Torne river into a work of art. Inspired by the ocean, our design is dedicated to raising awareness for one of our company charities, the BLUE Marine Foundation. As yacht designers, we are always conscious of the fragility of the world’s oceans and are only too aware of the damage that is taking place.

Our design incorporates one of the oceans most famous deep sea mammals – the whale.

Perceived as gentle creatures, (regardless of their size) they have been a source of interest and fascination for centuries. The form of a whale delicately carved out of only snow and ice, will offer the guests a unique experience of sleeping inside one of nature’s most fascinating creatures!

Carved into the ceiling of the suite, the Whale’s symmetrical rib cage will provide structure, whilst above the bed head an ice art panel featuring three whales spiral the BLUE Marine Foundation’s logo will be intricately created. At the foot of the bed, gentle ripples across the floor will suggest water is underfoot, whilst an elegant whale’s tail carved from ice will appear as if submerging into watery depths.

The combination of the fluidity of the design and the lightness of the snow and ice, we hope, will provide both a calming and fascinating experience for guests.

Please follow the link below to view our daily Christmas Calendar Report on the Andrew Winch Designs ICE HOTEL suite. Here you will find photographs and information on how the build is developing.