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Anglo- French Twinning Ceremony

Press Release   •   Nov 04, 2011 08:18 GMT

A twinning ceremony between Royal Air Force Brize Norton and French Air Force (FAF) 123 Orleans-Bricy was held at the FAF air base on Thursday 3rd November 2011.

Group Captain Domonic Stamp, Station Commander for RAF Brize Norton said:

‘Today has demonstrated that RAF Brize Norton and FAF Orleans have a great deal in common; both in terms of our output, challenges that we face and future capabilities. As such, the symbolic act of twinning undertaken today represents a commitment on both bases to share knowledge, experience and facilities to smooth the A400M’s introduction of service and then to operate the aircraft closely together. What we have started today will shape both countries tactical air transport capabilities, building a foundation on which that capability will be anchored well into the next decade. It is both exciting and a huge honour to be part of such a historic occasion.’

In November 2010 at the Anglo-French Summit in London, Prime Minister David Cameron and President Sarkozy signed a treaty reinforcing defence and security bilateral co-operation between Great Britain and France. The twinning of the two bases will inextricably link closer Anglo-French relations and both bases will realise mutual benefit for operation of the A400M and for future roles envisioned for the UK/FR Combined Joint Expeditionary Force (CJEF). Air Commodore Jon Ager, Air Officer Air Transport and Air to Air Refueling said:

‘While A400M comes ever closer to arriving with our Air Forces, I know that this symbolic linking of Orleans-Bricy and Brize Norton all help to grow and establish personal and professional relationships which will be at the heart of our future joint operations.’

Both air bases are home to air transport fleets and the twinning marks a step towards building a solid and lasting relationship to share best practice of combined military experience. Colonel Philippe Hirtzig, Base Commander for 123 Orleans-Bricy said:

‘I am very glad to sign the twinning between French Air Force Bricy and Brize Norton. We face the same concerns and have common skills. The two bases are brothers in arms in operations.’

Editor: Miss Rebecca Jepps


Group Captain Domonic Stamp Station Commander at RAF Brize Norton and Colonel Philippe Hirtzig Base Commander for 123 Orleans-Bricy take part in the twinning ceremony which will link the two bases ahead of the arrival of the A400M.

Air Commodore Jon Ager, Air Officer Air Transport and Air to Air Refueling.

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