The Kon-Tiki Museum

Anne L. Doubilet takes us under water at The Kon-Tiki Museum August 30 - 2013

Press Release   •   Aug 22, 2013 13:44 BST

The world famous diver and explorer takes us under water on a special trip on the exlusive lecture at The Kon-Tiki Museum Friday 30 August 2013. Unique photoes and more from Doubilet. Show starts at 18.00. Ordniary entrance fee. The lecture is a cooperation between The Explorers Club and The Kon- Tiki Museum.

Anne L. DoubiletAnne L. Doubilet is an underwater explorer, writer and photographer. She has logged thousands of dives worldwide working as a freelance photographer and dive-team member for National Geographic Magazine on 34 stories about the seas.  A member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame, Anne has worked in the Red Sea, Papua New Guinea, Palau, Hawaii, Fiji, Tahiti, Indonesia, Madagascar, Japan, the Galapagos, all around Australia’s coasts, and throughout the Caribbean. A Fellow of The Explorers Club--an international organization with a one hundred year legacy of who's who in exploration-- she served on the Board of Directors as Vice President in charge of Lectures/Programs; and chaired the Rolex Artist in Residence grant.  Lecturing at various national and international venues, Anne speaks to the issue of oceans in peril as seen through her 40 years of working underwater.

About the Kon-Tiki Museum

 The museum is home to permanent exhibitions about: Ra, Tigris, Fatu-Hiva, Kon-Tiki, and Easter Island. It has a separate area for short-term exhibitions, as well as a 30 metre cave tour and an underwater exhibition containing a life-size 10-metre whale shark. The museum also has a cinema and souvenir shop. The museum is open year round and has special offers for groups in the evenings. The original Kon-Tiki movie, awarded an Oscar in 1951, screening every day at The Kon-Tiki Museum at 12:00.  Welcome to the Kon-Tiki Museum in Oslo.