Press Release   •   Feb 28, 2011 14:05 GMT

Kaushik Tailor and his local cricket team have won yet another trophy, to add to their already huge collection. The local Udaipur team have recently won the ‘Ganges Basin Cup’, which is a highly regarded league competition for the best local teams in the province.


The team narrowly missed out on a win last year when Kaushik Tailor retired early with an ankle injury. This was just before the final innings and, up until that point, he had been playing so well that a win seemed a sure bet. The team were disappointed but made sure they were all on top playing form for this year’s competition. Kaushik Tailor was Captain and he led his team out to the pitch with confidence. They were ahead from the start and there was never any doubt that they would eventually win the cup.


This latest competition success means that team are well on their way to making it to Delhi for the ‘Province Trophy’. This is where the best local cricket teams from around the country compete for the ultimate amateur prize in the sport. With cricket being the national sport in India, it’s not difficult to imagine the kind of excitement that surrounds this competition.


Kaushik Tailor is naturally eager for his team to make it to the finals. “There is still some way to go before we can get to Delhi. India is a big country with many great local cricket teams and we have to be amongst the best to stand a chance of getting to the Province Trophy. However, I have a good feeling about our team, we are playing well and are determined to make it.”


The Province Trophy competition takes place later in the year and the team have another four rounds of local tournaments to win before they can take their place in the huge Delhi cricket ground.



ABOUT: Kaushik Tailor is an Indian fast bowler who has had great success in his local province of Udaipur.

David Linsell