Layla Mandi

Anti-Aging Skin Care by Layla Mandi

Press Release   •   Feb 18, 2011 18:48 GMT

Gray hair and wrinkled skin are the reflector of geezer hood, and some people, regardless of gender trying to escape it. It’s never too early to start an Anti-Aging Skin Care Plan. And it is also never too late to slow down the signs of aging skin and even take steps to reverse them.

Practice Sun Protection Every Day:
The most important anti-aging thing you can practice for your skin daily is, applying a high SPF sunscreen, preferably with zinc oxide or titanium oxide to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. Wearing sunscreen is not just for summer days or to protect you at the beach. That is because the aging effects of the sun can zero in on the skin during everyday activities at any time of the year.

Start an Anti-Aging Diet:
Should eat at least 8 to 10 servings of vegetables and fruits daily and fish Rich in omega-3s three times a week to help your skin keep from aging from the inside out. What you eat is the second most important anti-aging factor for your skin, drink plenty of water and green tea and eat a fiber-rich diet to reap the most benefits for your skin.

Reach for the Right Anti-Wrinkle Skin Cream:
It is important to consider your skin type before purchasing the Anti-Aging Products. The products aimed at dry skin can not be that effective on oily skin and therefore each kind of skin require different types of products and services. Natural anti-aging products contains natural ingredients and herbal extracts to nourish the skin and all required cover all areas of face. This product almost has no side effect and are absorbed by the skin without causing any damage. Basically, the wrinkles and fine lines are the result of dead cells. With the appearance of old age, the ability of our body to grow more new cell reduces gradually and eventually, our body stops producing enough fresh cells. Anti-aging products works against the free radicals that harm cells and keep the cells active.

Try a Medical Treatment for Wrinkle Relief:
Talk to a dermatologist who has experienced in skin care about office treatments that can tighten your skin, reduce sun damage, and soften fine lines and wrinkles. Procedures being used for anti-aging skin therapy include:

  • Laser resurfacing and chemical peels, this procedure will remove the top layers of skin to reveal fresher skin underneath.
  • Botox, which blocks the muscular action that causes wrinkles.
  • Facial filler injections, which plump up wrinkles.

These therapies are fairly expensive.

Starting out an efficacious anti-aging plan isn’t complicated. Follow through on these four simple steps, and you should start to see brighter, younger-looking skin in a few weeks.

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