Antivia remanes FlexWIS to XWIS Mobile B1 studio; outlines product strategy

Press Release   •   Oct 01, 2012 15:23 BST

Antivia, an SAP Partner, today announced the re-naming of FlexWIS to XWIS Mobile BI Studio. XWIS Mobile BI Studio enables organizations to build high-performance BI applications in less time for iPad, iPhone, Android and desktop. At the same, time Antivia announced that its product strategy for XWIS Mobile BI Studio will see it offer support for an increased number of mobile development platforms - making it easier for developers to manage hierarchical business intelligence data, whether they're creating native, hybrid or mobile-web apps, from within their development tool of choice.

XWIS Mobile BI Studio provides a rich set of components that simplify data access and management by automatically aggregating hierarchal BI data from the server and providing a full set of methods and properties, allowing developers to build sophisticated data navigation capabilities into their applications, with minimal code. The XWIS Mobile BI Studio components support access to both SAP BusinessObjects and non-SAP BusinessObjects data:

  • For SAP BusinessObjects data, XWIS Mobile BI Studio handles all the complex client-server interactions with the SAP BusinessObjects system, so by setting a few simple properties to specify their BI System, report and data objects, developers instantly gain access to managed, aggregated datasets which can be bound to other components using the development platform's data binding framework
  • For non-SAP BusinessObjects data, XWIS Mobile BI Studio enables you to directly query SQL databases and OLAP cubes and optionally combine and synchronize this data with SAP BusinessObjects data to create visualizations over compound data sets.

The initial version of XWIS Mobile BI Studio supports development of cross-platform, native BI Applications, using Apache Flex and Adobe FlexBuilder.

Donald MacCormick, Chief Product & Marketing Officer, Antivia, explained: "There are many, many mobile development platforms available today, both native and HTML5 based; Appcelerator Titanium, IBM's Worklight, Phonegap (now Apache Callback), Rhodes from Rhomobile, Sencha Architect and SAP's UI5, to name but a few. The first release of XWIS Mobile BI Studio for Flex gives us the prefect springboard into this blossoming market and we fully intend to follow on with versions for other environments".

MacCormick continued: "We're also conscious that while the mobile-web matures as a platform, many organizations prefer today to create native mobile applications for their iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry or Android users. So, our strategy with XWIS Mobile BI Studio is to pick development platforms that will enable us to support the development of native BI applications as well as mobile-web/HTML5 apps. This was one of the reasons why we picked Apache Flex as the first mobile development platform to support. As an added benefit, Flex was also the easiest target for us, considering the roots of XWIS in the Xcelsius (SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards) world. In fact, XWIS Mobile BI Studio is built on the same technology that is already enabling over 50 SAP customers worldwide to build BI Applications from within Xcelsius."

Announced back in October last year, XWIS Mobile BI Studio (then FlexWIS) continued a trend for BI Application development, which started with the remarkable capabilities that XWIS Advantage injects into Xcelsius and has been continued by the recent SAP announcement of project ZEN.