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Apollo Inception reveals how to get ahead in business

Press Release   •   Jun 14, 2018 12:13 BST

Coming into graduation season, sales and marketing specialists Apollo Inception has revealed their guide for getting ahead.

Apollo Inception: About the firm

Many qualities demonstrated by graduates are ideal for the sales and marketing industry, claim Apollo Inception. Communication skills, confidence, ambition and a student mentality are all qualities that students build up at University, which they can transfer easily and apply to a career in sales and marketing.

Apollo Inception has a popular business development program that is an excellent fit for graduates transitioning from education to business. Because starting the entrepreneurial journey can be scary, since the fear of failure is high, Apollo Inception offset this concern by offering support and mentorship plus regular workshops and industry seminars. The firm is an ideal environment for ambitious entrepreneurs who are at the beginning of their journey to success and self-employment.

The business development program with Apollo Inception promotes individuals based on their performance, rather than the length of time they have been with the company. As such, the firm has some top tips they share with those looking for a quick promotion.

Don’t be entitled - people that assume they deserve a promotion will be the last one to get promoted. When a person becomes entitled, they focus too much on why they think a promotion is justified, rather than what it is they need to do to get it.

Know why a promotion is needed - a promotion is only the right thing if it is the next logical step in an individuals career, so the motivation behind the promotion must be correct.

Work hard for it - by working extra hours and taking on more responsibility a person will get noticed and promoted quicker.

Limit mistakes - attention to detail will give the impression that an individual completes their work to a high standard plus it shows that they care. Achieving a job with minimal mistakes will prove that promotion is worthy.

Apollo Inception is committed to offering development opportunities based on individual merit rather than experience or qualifications. The firm believes that many traditional employers place too much value on required skills and traditional qualifications and instead, look for personal characteristics such as ambition and work ethic.

‘Here at Apollo Inception, we believe that personal characteristics are much more important than traditional qualifications. This is because, within the sales and marketing industry, we can teach graduates everything they need to know and equip them with the necessary skills for getting ahead and getting promoted, regardless of how long they have been in the industry for’ said a spokesperson for Apollo Inception. ‘This is the beauty of our industry and what makes it unique against other companies’ added the spokesperson.




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