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Appealing Your Council Tax Band - A Company You Can TRUST!

Press release   •   Mar 09, 2012 11:23 GMT

Recently launched Council Tax Valuations is pleased to announce that their first two re-banding appeals have been successful! 

Council Tax Valuations set up in December after hearing many alarming reports of rogue traders charging astounding upfront fees, plus commission, who were not delivering.  Council Tax Valuations’ Banding experts want to assist, not exploit, homeowners and tenants and so offer a ‘no win no fee’ service.

Our current Council Tax system was created and implemented in 1993 by the Government and was solely based on residential sales value.  Due to insufficient time and resources many properties initially received an estimated valuation and many were incorrectly banded.  Unfortunately the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) has also used these incorrect bandings for newly built homes and apartments.

Appealing Council Tax banding can be done by individuals; Martin’s Money tips offers guidance on checking whether your home is incorrectly banded, however does advise the appeal process can be complicated and the paperwork tricky.  Appeals need to be completed in such a precise format that without inside knowledge it is unlikely the VOA would review the case, let alone re-band the property.  Rebecca from Council Tax Valuations said “We want to take the hassle out of the process.  We want to help people pay the correct amount of Council Tax, save perhaps hundreds of pounds per year and receive a refund for overpaid money which could easily be in the thousands.”

The appeal process can take up to three months in total, as the Valuations Office Agency currently operate on a 8 week turnaround for all submissions, however Council Tax Valuations promise to evaluate and send each case within a week of receiving completed signed forms.  These forms can be found on their website but will also be posted out when you call on 01484 483074 or 0844 381 9699.

Their website also has an online calculator to calculate potential rebates. Rebecca says “The amount of money people can expect to receive back depends on how long they’ve paid council tax at their property and band the property is in”.  For example if you have lived in the property for 10 years and have been re-banded from band D to band C, you will be owed roughly £1550, and will expect to save £155 per year.

Council Tax Valuations only submit cases they believe have a realistic chance of being re-banded to a lower band and they would never knowingly submit a case that could result in it being raised.  Do you think you could be incorrectly banded?  Why not give them a call.

Council Tax Valuations currently operate out of Huddersfield Media Centre.  They are fully aware of many operating in the area who do not work in the best interest of the client and concerned that people will automatically assume they are the same.

 Council Tax Valuations never ask for personal or bank details . They offer a No Win, No Fee service and do not handle any money on behalf of clients.  Refunds are all paid by the local authority to the claimant.  The only cost incurred is when the appeal has been successful, at which point the customer will receive an invoice for 30% commission.

 Council Tax Valuations pride themselves on their knowledge, experience in the area and their customer care.  Their only objective is to help people pay the right amount of council tax and stop them being taken advantage of by unethical operators.