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Apple iPad Mini Leads Kindle Fire In Daily Ad Impressions

Press release   •   Dec 12, 2012 11:50 GMT

The year 2012 is a great year for Apple since the Cupertino Phone manufacturer has taken lid off its several astonishing devices. Where people get a chance to get their hands on the much-awaited Apple iPhone 5, on the other side Apple gave its customers bundle of surprises by launching its Apple iPad mini and iPad 4. The two new additions in the tablet category was just like bombshell for the analysts as well as the patrons since in march only the Cupertino phone maker has released its 3rd generation iPad. Along with the phase of criticism caused due to the hitches found in the company’s newly launched platform iOS6, Apple has maintained its reputation by flooding the global market with its unique gadgets.

The charm of Apple iPhone 5 sales record remains overshadowed with the dazzle of Samsung Galaxy SIII sales record but the Apple iPad Mini claimed critical success worldwide. It is not clear as to how many units this astounding device has sold until now but the ad impressions indicates that it has superseded Amazon Kindle Fire also in terms of its popularity. The fame of the Apple miniature tablet can be measured from its sales record that too has shown significant advancement in just few days. Additionally, UK customers are offered with the privilege of getting free tablets of Apple by just availing the exclusive proposes offered by various network carriers.

According to the results published by Millennium media, the Amazon Kindle Fire experienced an average growth of 19 percent in daily ad impressions but the newly launched iPad Mini grows faster than the former with an average rate of 28 percent. This is certainly excellent information for the Cupertino fir as the company is likely to see major boost in its overall tablet market this Christmas season.