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Apple WWDC gossip scorecard: this year release

Press release   •   Jun 08, 2011 09:32 BST

The dust from Apple’s Worldwide Designers Conference has settled so we know about iCloud, iOS 5, and Mac OS X Lion. We also know which gossips from in front of the show switched to be true, and those did not.
To Apple’s credit, there have been very couple of leaks in front of the 2010 show. While a couple of iOS 5 features arrived on the scene, in addition to functionality that will come in iCloud, there is a reasonable bit which was unknown starting it. The main one exception being OS X Lion, which Apple had taken the majority of the systems off in October.
Below is really a roundup of a few of the large gossips, separate by product. Not remarkably, the greater outlandish ones demonstrated not to be real, yet there have been a couple of surprises in some places. Read onto discover the way they panned out.
Rumor: iCloud will not be accessible today, but is going to be soon.
Outcome: True, iCloud isn’t open to clients today but is going to be when iOS 5 launches within the fall. Within the interim, Apple is making iCloud open to designers to check.
Rumor: No video in iCloud, just music
Outcome: True. Apple isn’t syncing video from iTunes across products, just music files. Though sources have told CNET that Apple continues to be pushing galleries extra tough to allow it to store user video clips on its servers.
Rumor: No music streaming immediately, however it can come afterwards.
Outcome: True but additionally false. The machine Apple layed out today is really a sync solution, letting customers re-download their files to numerous products, not stream them outright, thus saving space on that device. Whether Apple intends to offer that afterwards in iCloud’s existence wasn’t revealed throughout this morning’s bulletins.
Rumor: Apple has got the blessing of four major music business
Outcome: True from Jobs stating that iCloud works with all of 18 million tunes in Apple’s iTunes Store library.
Rumor: iCloud to cost $25 annually.
Outcome: True on cost, false on relaxation and services information. The iCloud service is on offer free of charge, however Apple’s iTunes Match service, that will complement music you did not buy off iTunes with tracks from Apple’s 18 million song library, does actually run $25 annually. That one report, which originated from the L.A. Occasions, stated Apple would be also advertising on iCloud, which Jobs noted wasn’t the situation.
Rumor: The iCloud sign-on-page appears like this (right).
Outcome: iCloud like a destination site doesn’t exist. iCloud is just the mechanism to ferry over files, configurations and media between iOS products, Apple computers and Computers. Nevertheless,, which Apple now is the owner of, still redirects toward former owner Xcerion AB’s CloudMe Site.
Rumor: Time Capsule to become up-to-date being an iCloud drive
Outcome: False. Apple’s Wi-Fi router meets hard disk wasn’t up-to-date included in present day news. Nor was the Airport terminal Express hardware, as pointed out for the reason that same report.

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