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Casino Fraud Warning from Gert Gambell

Press Release   •   Oct 25, 2010 05:31 BST

There are many fraudulent bookmakers in the gambling arena. Over the last two decades Casino fraud has become a common phenomenon. Verification and reference check before commencing any type of monetary transaction is a must. The government in every country has set up rules and ethical practice standards that need to be followed by any casino. One must enquire and become aware of the law of that particular country. If you are dealing with an online casino website than this becomes even riskier and research must be undertaken whether the website is secure and genuine. Many fraudulent websites that take the customers bank details and credit card numbers commit fraud by withdrawing large sums of money without the authorization of the player.

Often viewers and players rate the website based on their experiences on blogs and reviews on the internet. This establishes the repute of the website. Under any circumstances one should not divulge any personal information to any website beyond what is necessary to open an account.

Many fraudulent bookmarkers cancel winnings stating a minor technical reason hence the ‘terms and conditions’ should be thoroughly understood before placing a bet.

Delaying payments by differing them to another date may also be a way to lure you to place another bet with the same money and never remit you money ion cold cash. The fraud casino has a simple policy of making you play till you lose in one game or another.

The terms written in fine prints often provide clues which allow casinos to commit fraud and get away though legal loopholes. Hence it is very important to read these terms in fine print before deciding to put your hard earned money on a bet.

To make sure you do not get fraud on Poker, Casino, Slot or Scratch Tickets you can take measures before playing the game.

Check the id card of the dealer and keep a sharp eye and his hand movements and gestures. Look at organizations that accredit a casino or website. Conduct a reference check with a friend or a colleague with a similar interest. Read testimonials on gambling websites before you are about to join or open an account with them.

Casino fraud can occur to anyone at anytime but by taking quick and swift action can make sure that the perpetrators of the crime can be caught. Going to the nearest police station is the wisest move. Casinos usually have cameras and one can replay what took place at what time.

A fraud may be well planned and executed with precision for example a player may be allowed win initially then when the stakes are high, then the game is rigged. This kind of planned casino fraud takes place after the player is lulled into placing a very high bet.

A good casino must conduct itself in a fair and transparent manner. This will eventually bring in higher earnings for the casino.

Casino fraud should be treated by the law enforcement with the same severity as theft and robbery as it intrinsically in its essence is cheating customers and stealing their money.

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