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Arcam rCube - The Worlds Best iPod/Phone Speaker Dock

Press Release   •   Sep 23, 2010 11:16 BST


The Arcam rCube
The worlds best iPod/Phone Speaker Dock!

A big bold claim, but our own testing and initial reviews just in from What Hi-fi and The Sunday Times, show the rCube beating even the most highly-rated competition, in terms of sound-quality, features and functionality.

The result of more than three years of R&D, the rCube features a unique acoustic structure driven by state of the art electronics, inside a timeless exterior.


Arcam rCube - £500
Audiophile-grade Speaker Dock for iPod / iPhone
- from Arcam of Cambridge, England, purveyors of the finest Hi-fi
- retail availability - October 2010
- John Lewis is the UK launch partner

- No ifs, no buts - the best iPod sound system so far 
- also probably the most powerful desktop system there is
- no bombast, no flash, just serious quality large-scale sound
- Sales start in the UK, Germany; Holland and Scandinavia on Oct 1st

hi-res 300 dpi photos - here

Designed by an extremely talented and highly experienced British team, the rCube is for everyone and anyone.

- hugely powerful
- easily portable
- genuine high-fidelity sound
- wireless streaming built-in
- built like a high-end Hi-fi component

While its sonic prowess is nothing short of stunning, its portability,enabled  by a powerful Lithium-ion battery, gives it the power todeliver music no matter what the location.

- Apple certified for iPhone and iPod- Kleer lossless streaming
- rCube to rCube to Kleer headphone
- iPhone/Pad/Pod local streaming
- rWand transmitter required
- PC/MAC to cube house streaming
- rWave USB transmitter required

- Massive damped enclosure of Aluminium, MDF and Triple-layer composite
- 90 watts rms real Hi-fi power for amazing levels of sound
- 4 x high-quality speaker drive-units
- 8hr max Lithium-Ion battery pack
- Multi-voltage global power supply

The Arcam rCube is a game-changing iPod sound system. The first one that delivers on the cliche 'room-filling sound' and the first one to deliver serious Hi-fi sound, both from iPod and via lossless Kleer streaming from iPod, iPad, Mac or PC.

The rCube is designed and built to high-end Hi-fi standards, not the low standards of normal consumer audio. It delivers the best possible sound quality and is fully portable for garden, boat, festival use etc. 
Uniquely the rCube has built-in CD quality music streaming from Mac/PC or iPod/Pad/Phone.* using Kleer technology

Unlike most serious audio equipment, the rCube is simple, extremely stylish and is usable by everyone in the family

At the retail price of £500.00, the rCube offers incredible value for the performance and flexibility delivered. Costing the same as an iPhone, iPad or an LCD TV, the price is well within reach of most customers..

ARCAM rCube - stealth design portable high-end iPod sound system

Stylish: The rCube is an exercise in high-tech minimalism from one of the UK's finest industrial designers. No flashy quickly dated styling, just pure timeless lines that will fit seamlessly into any environment.

Compact yet Powerful: Astonishingly high-quality sound from a cube smaller  than a football. Powerful enough for a party, yet engineered to deliver exceptional clarity at low volume. Easy to carry and place almost anywhere.

Built like a high-end Hi-fi loudspeaker. To get this level of quality, Arcam have used the techniques and components normally found in £1000 plus Hi-fi speakers.

And like a high-end Hi-fi component. The state-of-the-art electronics use the same type of audiophile capacitors and op-amps that are used in Arcam's high end FMJ range of Hi-fi. Total power is 90 watts rms of real Hi-fi power. (Arcam don't use the inflated 'audio' power ratings quoted by most brands)

Pedigree: The cutting-edge technology and manufacturing excellence you expect from ARCAM of Cambridge, one of the UK's leading audio technology exporters and a global success in this market.

Portable: Carry the rCube with you from room to room witt the concealed handle. Up to 8hrs battery life. Lithium-Ion battery included.

Streaming using Kleer lossless technology. Full bandwidth CD qualitywireless, immune to dropout and interference. Stream music or radio froman iPhone, iPad or computer, or from another rCube. (iPod and PC dongles optional)

Streaming Options
Option 1. Kleer lossless streaming - rCube to rCube to Kleer headphone - Built-in
Option 2. rWave amplified USB wireless dongle for PCs & MACs - £79.95- 
Option 3. rWand iPod/Phone/Pad 30-pin wireless dongle - £69.95

Music sharing with up to 8 receivers: An rCube can share musicwith to up 8 other rCubes OR rDacs or 8 pairs of Kleer headphone frompeople like Opera, Sennheiser, TDK, Sleek etc. One iPod in one rCube cantransmit to a whole houseful of rCubes.

Size: 200mm x 200mm x 200mm. Weight: 5 kilos

Small print - the Arcam rWand and rWave wireless transmitters areoptional extras and will be available shortly

Outline Specifications
- 12mm MDF sealed and braced enclosure
- 2 x 100mm Bass/mid drivers in back-to-back force-cancelling layout

- 2 x 25mm aluminium dome tweeters - angled 5 degrees forward
- 3 x 50 watt amplifiers- 90 watts RMS power output
- Fully rated and Apple certified for iPhone and iPod

The bass-mid drivers come with a bucking magnet system to avoid magnetic interference between the closely situated drivers and use a back to back force-cancelling system to minimise internal vibration.

The professional-grade electronics use a 4 layer PCB to ensure optimumlayouts for low noise operation and are housed in a cast metal enclosureto control EMC emissions.

The electronic crossover and the DSP code are handled by an Analog Devices ADV 4601. The three digital amplifiers from Maxim Integrated Products in Dallas, were chosen for their excellent sound quality and efficiency. Two amps are used in bridge mode for the bass/mid drivers and in stereo mode for the tweeters.

Total power is 90 watts rms of real Hi-fi power. (Arcam don't use the inflated'audio' power ratings quoted by most brands)

Arcam use the same type of audiophile capacitors and op-amps that are used in the high end FMJ range. 
There are a total of 7 separate power supplies feeding the digital and analogue sections of the main board to avoid inter-modulation and reduce noise.

The rCube comes with a 19 volt switch mode power supply that can deliver 5A and the built-in Lithium-ion Battery pack has a capacity of 2200 mAh (milliamp hours) delivering up to 8hrs of playtime depending on volume.

The rCube comes ready to receive and transmit CD quality non-compressed audio signals, from other rCubes and from iPod/Phones or computers using Arcam's Kleer wireless transmitter dongles

rWave amplified USB wireless dongle for PCs & MACs - range approx. 50m
rWand iPod/Phone/Pad 30-pin wireless dongle - range approx. 10m


iPod / Phone Dock

Kleer Streaming

3.5 mm audio Aux-in

USB port for firmware upgrades



Composite Video

Component Video - up to 720p HD with iPhone4


Width: 200mm Depth: 200mm Height: 200mm - weight 5KG

In the Box

1 x rCube

1 x handbook

1 x Mini IR handset

1 x Multi voltage power supply

hi-res 300 dpi photos here
product page here
consumer line 01223 203 200-

Arcam of Cambridge UK, kick-started the UK Hi-fi boom of the 60s and are now an acknowledged world leader in high performance audio and video technology for Home Cinema, Hi-fi and Custom install. They are noted for cutting-edge digital research, superb sonics and award-winning industrial design.