Are We Really Out Of The Recession Asks Artificial Grass Distributor.

Press Release   •   Oct 13, 2010 14:09 BST

With property prices taking a downward spiral and government funding being heavily cut back is now a time to start investing your money again? Or would your money be better under your mattress?

The recession has hurt many people with devastating financial effects that will last for years to come. It is with this in mind that Paul Almond Co-owner of The Grass Factory is asking the question -

Is now a time to start investing again?

He followed on to say “With property prices taking a recent plummet and the uncertainty of what is next, now is a time for property owners to start thinking about doing up rather than moving on. Artificial grass has many benefits including the fact that you will not need to ever mow your lawn again. It will also add value to your property and make it more presentable for years to come.

He went on to say “Forward planning is essential in times of economic uncertainty and will mean that you are able to look forwards to the future” is one of the leading artificial grass distributors in the UK.



1 - Artificial grass has many benefits including –

No need to mow

No animal will discolour it

No colonies of insects

No weeds

2 – is the leading synthetic grass specialist in the UK.

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