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Are you finding it hard to manage your Estate Office?SenServe Has a right solution for you!

Press Release   •   Aug 05, 2015 15:43 BST

Managing a business that involves miscellaneous workflows with never-ending file and document management schemes has never been an easy thing to do. However, with our customised CRM, intelligently tailored for estate agents, you can streamline the business routines of your estate office. With fully customisable options, our CRM is among the most reliable software solutions that are configured to serve the estate agents, especially in Newcastle. SenServe’s CRM solution for Estate Agents is equipped with several useful tools to smoothen the business routines elegantly.

  • 1.Property Management System integrated with our CRM helps you to keep record of all the property upon which, business deals are made. All of your estate affairs are confined and managed centrally at one location.
  • 2.We offer cloud based software solutions to let you manage your property related work processes more systematically on a secure platform. You can monitor and manage your business routines and can track the status of on-going tasks.
  • 3.Taking into consideration the extensive file work, associated with Estate Agents, our CRM comes offers efficient and reliable file management techniques that can be employed to keep all of your business files secure and readily available.
  • 4.We manage all of your business data and documents securely with our cloud based technologies that are especially customised to provide you with the most reliable document/data management solutions.
  • 5.With features like automatic invoice generation, you can keep record of all the property that has been sold or is undergoing any negotiations.

Get your CRM integrated with your existing IT Infrastructure:

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Ever thought of selling your business products over the internet? We provide you with a secure platform to build an e-commerce website for your business. E-commerce trading has evolved quickly over the years and it has now become one of the basic business necessities. With rapid advancements in technology and furtherance in the usage of mobile devices, e-commerce has become one of the strong tools to deploy your business products and services to a greater number of online customers who tend to find solutions to their challenges, over the internet. With an online shopping cart for your business, you can make deals with your online purchasers and empower yourself to make your business 24/7 live, hence making it far more efficient and productive.

We integrate highly secure payment options with your e-commerce website to ensure that no monetary loss can exist either on the client side or the server side. Built-in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) options also come with your e-commerce website to bring you more online customers and insights to your business. SenServe can help you with all of the e-commerce solutions that are required by you to expand your business.

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