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Are you onboard the super-yacht workout?

Press Release   •   Jun 13, 2017 07:22 BST

We’ve seen the rise of the boutique gyms and spin studios and now wellness is moving out of dedicated facilities and into spaces traditionally never associated with “fitness”, looking to make the most of the growing $3.72 trillion wellness industry, now including super yachts.

Such industries are looking towards consumers desire for luxury experiences (78% spending more on experiences than products) as a way to enter the wellness industry with a unique, high end offerings that make gym training look outdated.

The Wellness Collective has partnered with Sunborn London luxury yacht hotel to provide a unique wellness experience, connecting London’s top personal trainers, wellness influencers and the 131 room, 4* yacht hotel. In order to service high demand for a fitness offering from guests and open the market to health-conscious travellers, the Wellness Collective has created a bespoke “pop-up” small group personal training concept to take place on deck followed by a nutritious breakfast for those wanting a healthy start to their day that’s a cut above your average gym class.

The Wellness Collective provides a bespoke small group personal training concept for Sunborn London, offering a unique workout experience that takes place on the deck of the super-yacht with panoramic views over London. The experiences are exclusively for up to 5 people per personal trainer to ensure an intimate environment, with exercises adapted and prescribed to suit individual abilities and goals. The programme encompasses a full body workout including aerobic cardiovascular work burning calories, bodyweight resistance to build strength and mobility for a body that functions at it’s optimum and leaves you feeling great before you share a healthy breakfast with your workout partners.

The perfect combination of health and luxury, this partnership is at the forefront of a new trend of unique wellness experiences for the discerning consumer bored of traditional gym environments and instead looks towards health as a lifestyle to be combined with a luxury lifestyle.

The Wellness Collective is a curated collection of fitness and wellbeing experiences to nourish the mind, body and soul.

Working with various sectors though the various stages of fitness consultancy, campaign planning, experience curation, influencer marketing and corporate wellness, a team of dedicated personnel will work with leading brands and unique spaces to create bespoke luxury wellness experiences that can combine fashion, the arts, hospitality, corporate wellness and leisure.

The result is an end-to-end service connecting businesses with elite personal trainers, wellness brands and influencers.