Press Release   •   Oct 08, 2010 11:57 BST

Google SketchUp users can now achieve their 3D vision in less time and with minimum fuss, thanks to a new solution being launched today by ArtVPS.

Shaderlight is a fully integrated plug-in that introduces interactive rendering to Google SketchUp 7 and the newly released SketchUp 8. The full release, available to download from today, features Shaderlight’s unique ‘progressive’ rendering that enables users to see their image develop on screen as they continue to work inside SketchUp.

The software already has many fans across the world, with nearly 4000 downloads since the beta release launch in June 2010. It was also well received at its first full preview during Google’s recent 3D Basecamp in Colorado, attended by approximately 250 SketchUp users.

Developed as a tool for all SketchUp modellers, Shaderlight echoes the ‘simplicity first’ philosophy behind SketchUp and its familiar UI and simple workflow make it easy to deliver professional results, without requiring rendering expertise. Fully integrated in to SketchUp and SketchUp Pro, Shaderlight offers a range of features including automatic material presets, applied to the SketchUp material collection, and material finishes controlled via the Shaderlight Material Editor. The physically based interior lighting features and advanced global illumination techniques help render realistic interiors. Shaderlight allows users to change background setting with options for SketchUp background colour, image-based lighting environment or custom background.

Kate Marshall, Marketing Director at ArtVPS said: “Google SketchUp is an increasingly popular application within architecture and design, but when it comes to rendering, the complex solutions and steep prices associated with achieving high quality results have acted as a deterrent to many users. Feedback from existing SketchUp users trialling Shaderlight has been fantastic and can be seen in the quality of the images being produced.  We are now looking to encourage new users to sample Shaderlight and see the benefits for themselves”.

The full release launched today is available in either free or Pro version, each providing the same rendering experience just differing in lighting and resolution options.  Users can download Shaderlight now and experience all the ‘Pro’ features free for 14 days, after which time Shaderlight Pro is available for $199.

For further information or to download Shaderlight, please visit:

ArtVPS leads the way in the development of photorealistic rendering solutions that generate visually accurate representations of 3D scenes. Our revolutionary flagship rendering technology, Shaderlight, goes beyond conventional rendering software and puts the emphasis on creating high quality images with minimum fuss, pushing the boundaries of 3d visualization with interactive rendering techniques that allow users to see their image develop on screen as they continue to work. Shaderlight is available as a plug-in for professional class tools from Autodesk and now for Google’s popular and fun SketchUp 3D modelling tool . Shaderlight is set to not only transform the visualisation workflow of 3D artists and designers within conventional markets of product design, architecture, engineering, media and education, but it is set to grow out into consumer markets. Founded in 2002, ArtVPS quickly became established as the leading innovator of dedicated rendering hardware, developing the first processor designed exclusively to accelerate ray-tracing of 3D data. We are now pioneering the development of rendering software that fully exploits the increased capabilities of today's processor technology in both professional and consumer 3D.