Asset Land Inc


Press Release   •   Nov 11, 2011 15:10 GMT

Building on its existing energy efficiency and conservation efforts, Asset Land announced today that it has purchased carbon offsets that neutralise the environmental impact of the company’s international operations.

Achieving carbon neutrality has been a core objective behind Asset’s commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen of the global community.  The purchase of carbon offsets from a verified rainforest project will not only mitigate Asset’s carbon footprint but contribute significantly to vital forest regeneration in South America , providing employment opportunities to local communities and reducing poverty.

Revenue from the sale of carbon offsets or carbon credits as they are also known provides important economic support to projects involving greenhouse gas emissions reduction which helps encourage the development of similar projects.

Asset Land purchased carbon credits from a Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD) project based in Latin America.  One carbon credit represents 1 metric tonne of carbon dioxide which has been sequestered or absorbed by the project. 

The company’s carbon neutrality was achieved by matching how much energy Asset’s operation uses with an equivalent measure of carbon credits so that in effect, the company’s emissions are offset.  For many large companies, emissions reductions are compulsory according to an international agreement known as the Kyoto Protocol.  However, Asset has chosen to be among the many corporate bodies choosing to offset their emissions through the voluntary carbon markets as part of their branding.

Asset Land are market leaders in providing strategic UK land investments and acknowledge that land is not the planet’s only finite resource.  The pressures on housing in the developed world are enormous due to the rising demands of an ever-increasing population.  However, providing housing is not the only issue to be considered.

Pollution has the most detrimental impact on our planet.  Increased production to meet expanding consumerism has caused dramatic changes to our climate, witnessed on a regular basis.  To achieve carbon neutrality, all aspects of carbon emissions at Asset’s offices were taken into account, ranging from electricity usage to vehicles and employee travel.  The project involved months of planning, assessment and verification.

Carbon credits are becoming the most popular method for companies to offset their carbon footprint whilst delivering environmental and social benefits in under-developed countries.  Asset Land believe that we all have a responsibility to do what we can to undo years of damage caused by man to the world we live in and will continue to purchase carbon credits annually to ensure carbon neutrality is sustained for coming years.

Asset Land Inc. is part of the successful ASSET group with offices in London, UK; San Francisco, USA; Israel; Hong Kong; Qatar and a corporate office in Panama.

The company specialises in land and property acquisition, with marketing of UK government regulated land and development of property and building projects worldwide.

With a panel of tax and pensions specialists, 30 years of combined property experience and one of the largest networks of property contacts in the world, they are in a strong position to provide an efficient and knowledgeable service, whether to a first-time investor or a wealth management company looking to increase their portfolio.

Asset Land Inc. have developed a simple process by which individual investors are able to purchase plots of land for sale in prime locations.

They have stripped away the complexity of buying plots for sale for the benefit of their investors by dividing the practice into three simple steps.

  • First, Asset Land Inc. identifies strategically placed sites with investment potential in areas where a genuine need for new homes exists.
  • Then, following a due diligence process, they divide their sites into building-sized plots.
  • Finally, they offer these plots to individuals who are looking to get a foothold in the UK land investment market.