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Press release   •   Mar 30, 2012 13:44 BST, a dynamic online cashback solutions company, made an official announcement today and emerges as a new player in the small business online advertising space.

MyCashbackSuperstore’s innovative platform combines a full retailer profile and customizable offers page with sophisticated targeting and optimization technologies to create dynamic creative ad units that engage online consumers and provide a solid ROI for small business advertisers.

Managing Director, Chris Coles said “We are excited at the opportunity to present our solution to small businesses. Our website currently has over 2500 active merchants and we are looking to build new relationships with any SME or family-run business that operate an online store where we can promote them and their services through paid advertising on our portal.  Unlike traditional means of paying for advertising, we are offering a paid advertising package unlike anything normally expected when a business wishes to pay for an advert within a national website or publication.”

He continued “We are offering all new clients a 'no risk' advertising package that not only promotes them on our portal that is viewed by a very receptive audience, but we will also promote them and their services through our social media channels, including our Blog, Facebook and Twitter.  The 'no risk' element of the advertising package is that we are so confident in the service we can provide clients, that we are offering a no quibble, money-back guarantee to any client who pays for advertising on our advertising portal.”

Whether displaying latest deals,  or a retailer’s in-stock sale items, MyCashbackSuperstore’s  robust targeting technologies, including behavioural key-wording, email campaigns and retargeting, ensures the right message  is always being delivered to the right consumer at the right time.

“At MyCashbackSuperstore we’re committed to building a reputation as an agile and forward-looking advertising provider to small businesses,” Chris Coles stated. “We know how advertising costs can spiral and our solution is to offer an affordable platform or your money back.”

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Notes to Editors

WWW.MYCASHBACKSUPERSTORE.COM is a deals and rewards website for consumers.  The website currently has over 2500 active merchants.  With MyCashbackSuperstore, SMEs  can attract new revenue with a powerful, scalable advertising solution that requires minimal time and resources to execute. Businesses get a high ROI solution that drives sales and leads to their online channels. MyCashbackSuperstore  is comprised of a dedicated and highly skilled team with years  of combined experience in the business world.

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