Australia home insecticides market: 5% growth in 2012

Press release   •   May 01, 2013 14:22 BST

Reckitt Benckiser‟s Mortein remained the leading brand in the Australia home insecticides market during 2012 with a retail value share of 44%. The brand has a strong heritage in Australia and has been a household name for decades. In 2012, Mortein led spray/aerosol insecticides with a value share of 34% and electric insecticides with a 54% value share. The face of the brand is Louie the fly, which has featured in Mortein advertisements since the early days of television in Australia. In 2011, Reckitt Benckiser released details that Louie would not be used in any future Mortein campaigns because he no longer correctly represented the brand. This was met with considerable public backlash and the brand used social media sites to allow consumers to vote to save the brand icon. Although the campaign received considerable publicity, much of this surrounded its controversial nature. In 2012, an announcement by Reckitt Benckiser that local manufacturing of Mortein would be sent offshore further exasperated the mixed publicity of the campaign and led to the „Save Louie‟ campaign ending early.

The biggest driver of electric systems continues to be convenience, with consumers now able to „set and forget‟ in much the same way as with electric air fresheners. This allows consumers to create a household ambience without forethought. Electric insecticide systems offer peace of mind, ensuring that consumers never have to encounter insects in the first place. Electric insecticides are seen as a way of controlling or guarding against insects. Particularly for Australia in the summer months, flying insects such as flies in the day and mosquitoes at night can become quite prevalent and electric systems in the house can offer some protection against this.

Growth will continue to remain strong as Australia‟s climate remains accommodating to various flying and crawling insects. Home insecticides has a projected forecast period constant retail value CAGR of 3% due to slower growth in electric insecticides as penetration rates level out. Electric insecticides has a projected forecast period constant retail value CAGR of 7% (vs. review period CAGR of 25%). Growth will also remain strong in the most popular spray/aerosol insecticides area as manufacturers continue to release new product developments in an attempt to protect against private label penetration. Spray/aerosol insecticides has a projected forecast period constant retail value CAGR of 3% (vs. review period CAGR of no growth).

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