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Australian Interactive Marketing publishes how-to guide to conquering procrastination

Press release   •   Mar 01, 2018 12:57 GMT

Procrastination is an often considered to be an entrepreneur's Kryptonite claims Australian Interactive Marketing. The Brisbane based outsourced sales and marketing experts have published their how-to guide to conquer procrastination and keep on task.

Australian Interactive Marketing: About the firm.

The definition of procrastination is the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished. Sometimes, procrastination takes place until the "last minute" before a deadline. Furthermore, when self-control is close to being depleted, humans tend to choose what’s more pleasurable– the immediate procrastinated tasks instead of the actual work. At its very core, procrastination is an avoidance strategy.

Many entrepreneurs fail to reach their goals and achieve their dreams due to a lack of focus and veering off task. Australian Interactive Marketing understands that this is a massive problem in the modern workplace and has subsequently devised a guide to help conquer this killer of success.

1.) Identify what triggers you off task:

Identifying the type of procrastination you are most susceptible to experience is an essential step for you to fix the problem at its root.

Perfectionist: Always being perfect is the pleasure perfectionists’ want. However, the downfall comes when they fail to show their imprecations. As a result of this, they frequently fail to get tasks done and complete things, this is because they’re forever seeking the perfect timing or approach and continuously delay.

The Ostrich: They prefer to stay dreaming, and when things get stressful they bury their heads in the sand. As a result, they feel they don’t have to deal with any negativity.

Self-saboteur: These take the approach of “By doing nothing, nothing bad can happen.”

Daredevil: These believe that the deadlines can push them to do better, instead of planning and working out the best way to complete their work.

The Chicken: These individuals often lack the ability to prioritise their work. They do the bare minimum and what they feel like they should do, rather than thinking through what they actually should do.

2.) Face your triggers and get rid of them:

Whether it's an overwhelming fear of failure, overcome with emotions, straight up avoidance or fooling yourself into thinking you’re too busy to get things done. You can improve your ability to be productive and banish procrastination triggers.

3.) Take time for regular/planned breaks:

The human brain was not designed to work continuously on the same tasks for long periods of time. Therefore, taking regular structured breaks away from your tasks so that you come back refreshed and with a clear head will help you be more productive.

These breaks can be anywhere from 5-25 minutes, or however long you need in order to switch off, and then refocus.

4.) Reward yourself:

It is incredibly important to recognise achievements no matter how small the task is. It will allow a sense of motivation and releases that feel good factor that can inspire you to go on and achieve more. For example, keep the rewards proportional - if you get a small sized task done you get a coffee or your favourite snack, a more significant task, and you can do something fun on the weekend, etc.

Australian Interactive Marketing is helping their contractors and staff to battle against the perils of procrastination through regular workshops that are designed to encourage individuals to adopt the methods stated above. Furthermore, the firm is helping their workforce through one-to-one mentoring to help understand what their personality types and procrastination types are to develop a personalised development pathway.

“Procrastination is the thief of time, collar him.” - Charles Dickens



Lawrence Randall: Managing Director

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