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Autodata Integration - TecCat

Press Release   •   Sep 23, 2010 10:49 BST

Anybody who is working with TOPMOTIVE / TecCat software receives all the relevant data out of one system: parts data, oe pricing, availability, substitute offers, tyre data, repair times, inspection data, technical data and much more. TOPMOTIVE has integrated one further market leader into it's systems. None less than Autodata, the quality leader in the market. TOPMOTIVE achieved the complete integration of Autodata data into all of its systems. TOPMOTIVE / TecCat is able to deliver an all-around no-worry package with Autodata data, which no other supplier in Europe can offer in this form. Please ask for the manufacturer compliant data and the possibilities to achieve manufacturer’s warranty through the use of Autodata data in the TOPMOTIVE system. 

“For several years, we see ourselves as technology- and innovation leader for our market segment and this is proven on a constant basis through developments, which no other can offer in this form! Based on the excellent data quality and the market position of Autodata, the combination of our systems and their data was a must for us to offer our customers.” –Stefan Schneider, DVSE Director of Sales Germany 

The Autodata data is from now on available in the TOPMOTIVE systems. Please talk to us or one of partners in the wholesale!

Contact - Peter Nell (Topmotive / TecCat UK)

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