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Automate to meet demand

Press Release   •   Sep 30, 2010 11:26 BST

As post-recession demand increases the market for your products, avoid escalating labour costs by automating for greater packaging efficiency. Connections, a production facility based in Poole, handles over 4,000 different product lines of plumbing components for trade and retail merchants.  Through its relationship with bagging experts, Automated Packaging Systems, it supplies several of the UK’s market leading retailers with packaging solutions tailored to their specifications.

“When demand for your product increases, the temptation is to increase your labour,” says Clive Pearson, Marketing Communications Manager for Automated Packaging Systems,  “however, automating your system could not only save you money in reduced labour costs, but bring a range of other advantages that simply aren’t present in a manual system.”

Connections use six Autobag AB 180 set-ups which are all used in conjunction with Autolabel and PI 412cw Prism Thermal Transfer Imprinters.  This has allowed them to improve productivity, efficiency and design to the benefit of both Connections and its customers.

“We invested in two Autobag machines to satisfy a specific customer request,” explains Paul Gilbert, production manager at Connections, “and, one year after the installation, our customer reviewed its packaging and decided to switch to Autobag for its whole range.”

“We now use the machine routinely for several customers, producing up to 70 different bagging variations,” he says.

“And the difference in productivity has been huge.  With the previous non-automated system it would have taken a team of four more than an hour to complete a 500 piece job, whereas it could take only 15 minutes using the AB 180.”

Reflecting on increases in productivity, John Peck says he’d like to channel more business through Automated Packaging Systems.  “It is so efficient,” he says, “not only does this benefit our customers, it also benefits our business.  We can afford to finance the machinery because we know we’ll earn back the outlay from savings in costs.”

As Clive Pearson explains, it is essential for businesses to harness the support from the entire supply chain to meet and exceed customer demands.  “The industry is moving fast which is leading to more closely tailored packaging solutions.  Consumers are demanding ever more innovative, distinctive and environmentally responsible packaging and this is driving new product development throughout Europe’s packaging industry".

“By partnering with Automated Packaging Systems, Connections is able to draw on the consultative approach that we take to packaging.  Only through understanding our customers and their businesses can we develop innovative packaging solutions that satisfy their objectives and add value to their products,” says Mr Pearson.


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Notes to editors:

Automated Packaging Systems, Inc., headquartered in Streetsboro, Ohio, has been a world leader in designing and manufacturing printed flexible bag packaging systems for more than 40 years, and is the original inventor of Autobag® bagging machines and pre-opened bags. The company has over 30,000 packaging systems in operation worldwide.  Automated Packaging Systems’ European Head Office and manufacturing facility is located in Malvern, UK, and the company satisfies European customer requirements through business units strategically located in Belgium, France and Germany and via a comprehensive European network of distributors and agents.