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Balance Xperia Launches Investigation into the Negative Impact of Instant Gratification

Press release   •   Mar 06, 2018 13:27 GMT

This month, Balance Xperia has launched an investigation into the impact instant gratification has on business professionals. In a series of meetings with aspiring entrepreneurs, the firm has reviewed how long-term gains can transform an individuals’ success in the sales and marketing industry.

Balance Xperia: About the Company

Sheffield based Balance Xperia has launched an investigation within the organisation, with the aim of proving that instant gratification has a negative impact on success.The firm has taken on a mentorship role since its establishment, to support the long-term success of the community of young sales and marketing professionals it works alongside. As part of this commitment Balance Xperia holds regular workshops and meetings offering tried and tested strategies to support self-development and set these professionals on the right track.

The foundation of this support stems from Managing Director, Jack Spencer’s drive to provide the same inspiration and guidance that he received from his mentor when he first started out in the sales and marketing industry. After working his way up from entry-level, to established entrepreneur, Mr Spencer is eager to pay it forward and create fresh opportunities for those interested in starting their own sales and marketing ventures in the future.

This month, the Managing Director has focused the firm’s meetings around instant vs. delayed gratification and launched an investigation into why long-term goals lead to greater success. ‘short term goals are great, but they should only ever be stepping stones towards a bigger target’ outlines the managing director. ‘being able to see the bigger picture and take the time necessary to not only reach your goal but reach it well, is the key to sustaining success in business.’

The purpose of these meetings was to demonstrate that instant gratification nurtures habits which are detrimental to professional success. It creates an attitude of impulsiveness by supplying the brain with an addictive shot of dopamine. However, impulsiveness in business leads to poor judgment and prevents people from seeing the bigger picture or planning for the future.

Balance Xperia concludes its investigation by outlining research which has examined the negative impacts of instant gratification. A study published in the Journal of Judgment and Decision Making links cravings for instant gratification with simple thinking and claims people who thrive on instant gratification are generally less thoughtful and held shorter attention spans.

Balance Xperia is hopeful that February's focus on instant gratification will help it’s community of young professionals to aim higher over the coming months and set definite plans in place for their futures.



Managing Director: Jack Spencer

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