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Balance Xperia Reveal its Secret of a Unified Workforce

Press release   •   Mar 15, 2018 13:56 GMT

Sheffield based Balance Xperia has revealed the steps it is taking to bring its workforce together, and how this effort is driving impressive results for its clients.

Balance Xperia: About the company.

Since its launch, sales and marketing firm Balance Xperia has been vocal in its decision to create a happier, more unified work environment. Balance Xperia is under no illusions and recognises that to generate the very best results for clients its workforce needs to take a hands-on approach and embody passion and enthusiasm for what they do every day. In such a target driven environment the firm has prioritised company culture from day one and continues to organise events and activities outside of the workplace to bring its people together and nurture positive mindsets.

Balance Xperia has been particularly active in this mission throughout the last quarter to 2017 into 2018. To celebrate the achievements of its workforce the firm brought 2017 to a close with lavish Halloween and Christmas parties, and In January this year, the firm travelled to Manchester’s Old Trafford Cricket Ground with a handful of its young professionals to attend a weekend of networking and expert industry talks. In recent weeks the firm has been focusing on building stronger relationships within its organisation, holding regular crew nights and dinners to allow everyone to get to know each other better and have some fun, including a weekly celebration for its top performers.

“Positive relationships at work are important on many levels, they encourage teamwork, and make the workday more pleasant. Stronger relationships are also crucial to motivation and can have a huge impact on how people overcome issues within their day to day responsibilities.” Outlines Jack Spencer, Managing Director of Balance Xperia.

After seeing the impact these events and activities have had on bringing people together, Balance Xperia is committing to organising as many as possible in the coming months. ‘We’ve recognised that those who have quality relationships with others in the workplace are far more engaged and happy at work. This has led to a significant spike in the quality of results we are generating for our clients, therefore for us, investing in companywide activities is a win-win situation” continued the managing director.


Managing Director – Jack Spencer

Balance Xperia Ltd are experts in translating company goals and ambitions into realistic and inviting campaigns designed to engage new and existing customers to strengthen brand awareness in any given region.