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Bamboosh explores the importance of business reward systems as aspiring entrepreneurs at the firm see professional success.

Press Release   •   Jan 15, 2018 17:27 GMT

Maidstone’s sales and marketing firm at the forefront of the industry,  Bamboosh, is seeing consistent success in their sales figures, and the professional achievements of contractors in the business. The company has detailed the most recent success of an individual contractor, who has shown significant improvement over the past few months, and as such is heading to The Shard this coming weekend. The company’s rising star initiative within their business development programme recognises the dedication of the contractors.

About the firm:

Bamboosh is a strong advocate of reward systems as a form of motivation, recognising incentives as a vital aspect of the business. The firm often uses travel and activity days away as a form of reward for excellent results in the field. As such, the firm has detailed their reasons behind such a results-driven company culture.

Ensure everyone is on the same page: Bamboosh understands that the success of a business relies heavily upon the company acting as one unit, ensuring individuals goals and targets remain in line with that of the company. Bamboosh is eager to provide a company culture built on satisfaction for every contractor, discovering that this breeds professional success across the board.

Avoiding one size fits all rewards: The company recognise that what motivates one individual will not necessarily motivation another. It is for this reason the firm aims to produce a variety of awards, ranging from international travel, company recognition and physical rewards. Bamboosh is a strong advocate of listening to the voice of the company, receiving feedback to ensure they remain on the path to success.

Set goals based on the company’s needs: Bamboosh understands that within the sales and marketing industry, it is the voice of the consumer that matters in regards to business success, as such they are in the right practice of listening to individuals. The firm continues to monitor all contractors, recognising how they can both improve the face of the company while ensuring their aspiring entrepreneurs remain motivated and dedicated.

Over the course of the first month of 2018, Bamboosh will have a strong focus on revisiting the essential requirement for business success. Managing director Luke Walker has detailed how “It's easy over the course of a year to get caught up in the growth and new exciting things and allow the foundations of the business slip. So January will focus on ensuring the Foundations of business as solid.” The firm recognises how ensuring business foundations remain sturdy, the professional success of individuals will be sure to continue over the course of 2018.



Luke Walker 

Managing Director