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Barclays staff foiled in suspected sabotage attempt on Consumer champion iRateiSlate's website

Press Release   •   Feb 20, 2013 12:47 GMT

20 February 2013 - Bungling Barclays Customer Services Department has scored an own goal by launching a bizarre and unwarranted attack on a representative of consumer group iRateiSlate, and on its website, in the past month.  

Barclays' customer service agent turns on consumer spokesperson

The original incident involved a Barclays' agent allegedly becoming rude and aggressive toward iRateiSlate's spokesperson, who had made a courtesy call to the firm regarding a consumer complaint received against the high street bank.   Commenting on the shocking reaction of Barclays' agent, Marlon Naidoo, founder of iRateiSlate, stated, "It was no surprise that the service lacked quality at Barclays, but what surprised me was the fact that although the representative was made aware of our campaign to improve customer service levels, it still did not deter him from giving us poor service."  

Malicious email containing false contact details originated from Barclays' equipment

The attack escalated when the Barclays customer service agent apparently sent a malicious email to the consumer forum, discouraging other consumers from using it.  Attempting to engage with the 'consumer', iRateiSlate's team discovered that both the email address and the telephone number supplied were false, techniques that saboteurs use to remain anonymous.  The forum's technology department followed the trail back to Barclays.  

High street bank forced to apologise to iRateiSlate founder, upholding his complaint against it

A subsequent investigation by the financial institution confirmed that the email had indeed been sent from one of the company's sites.  The bank further confirmed that it has upheld the complaint that Marlon Naidoo, founder of iRateiSlate, had lodged with it, apologising unreservedly for the treatment that he, and the organisation, received.   

Customer relations manager applauds campaign to improve customer service levels

Applauding Mr Naidoo's campaign to improve customer service levels across the UK, a senior manager from the bank's customer relations department has stated that the views expressed by the member of staff concerned do not reflect the company's policy, and that the bank takes consumer feedback very seriously, whether good or bad.    If, however, a member of staff is able to use a financial institution's equipment to send malicious communications, bearing false contact details, there is clearly a significant problem and a cause for concern.   The bank's reminder that Barclays is required to "adhere to strict regulations which are governed by the Financial Services Authority" only emphasises the seriousness of the situation.  

Questions raised about practices at the bank

At the very least, the entire debacle suggests that Barclays has woefully failed to provide adequate training to its customer service representatives.  At worst, it raises the fear that other malicious behaviours may be taking place under the management's nose.  

iRateiSlate's response

"Poor customer service has not only sapped Consumer Confidence but has seen the demise of several Multi-National chains in 2013 like Republic, Jessops, HMV and Blockbuster", said Mr Naidoo. We have designed this platform to help companies improve customer service levels, Restore Consumer' faith in the UK Marketplace and Give Company's the opportunity to convert negative feedback and retain those consumers that they would have lost to their competitors. If a company has provided sub-standard levels of customer service to a consumer, that business should be given the opportunity to engage with the customer, and to resolve the problem."   It is not known if the agent is still offering his particular interpretation of good customer care to unwary Barclays' customers. The organisation is adamant that attempted sabotage by any company will be dealt with severely.  

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