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Beat rail fare and fuel tax rises by switching to two wheels

Press Release   •   Aug 17, 2012 09:31 BST

Recently announced 6.2% inflation-busting train fare rises, soaring petrol prices and parking costs, road tax and increasing congestion mean that motorcycles and scooters can offer commuters and travellers significant savings in time, money and effort.

The planned rail fare increase of up to 6.2% announced on 14 August 2012 is nearly double the rate of inflation and caused such outrage that protests formed at over 40 train stations across the country. In addition, the planned fuel tax increase of 3.02p per litre in June was merely postponed until January 2013, rather than cancelled – while significant reductions in the cost of crude oil, the source of petroleum-based fuels, have not been passed down to the consumer.

 As a result, road and rail users are under a heavier financial burden than ever before.  Congestion on UK roads has increased as have train delays meaning the average commuter is losing both time and money.

However there is an economical and enjoyable solution to both these two problems: two wheels. Motorcycles and scooters are quicker than other forms of transport during the daily commute and studies have shown they can shave 30% off the average journey time. Saving Britain’s workers hours each year and making biking commuters the happiest on the roads. 

They are also save when it comes to fuel costs. With greater average mpg figures than cars, commuters on two wheels are making dramatic savings on weekly petrol bills. Motorcycle manufacturers have hard-pressed commuters in mind, and offer a range of exciting and economical models featuring outstanding fuel economy. Many 125cc models achieve in excess of 130mpg with motorcycles like Honda’s CBF125 costing just £2,500 and delivering 160mpg.  Even bigger entry level bikes return great economy figures, BMW’s G650GS for example costing just £5,295 and delivering a wallet-friendly 76mpg.

The savings don’t stop there either with road tax just £16 a year for 125cc machines and insurance generally much lower, especially for younger riders; the two wheel option makes more and more sense.

With motorbikes and scooters offering such an attractive transport alternative the Motor Cycle Industry’s Get On campaign was launched to offer anyone over the age of 16 a free one hour taster session simply by registering at Now anyone can experience the fun, freedom and incredible cost saving benefits of life on two wheels for FREE.

Case study: commuting from Guildford to London (Victoria)

A train commuter would spend £366 per month on a rail card and make two 1hr 14m journeys each day, comprising of one train and one Underground service.  A total of 24hr 39 minutes costing £366 per month.

 A motorcyclist making the same journey would spend £164.97 (£138.89 on fuel, £20.58 on TPFT insurance and £5.50 on fuel) and make two 53 minutes journeys each day, comprising of 32 miles riding and taking advantage of zero congestion charges and free motorcycle parking.

A total of 17 hours and 40 minutes costing £164.97 per month.

A commuter switching from rail to ride would save £201.30 and seven hours travel time every month!

 The huge cost saving benefits of life on two wheels is perfectly illustrated with the Get On campaign’s ingenious Travel Savings Calculator which can be found at Choosing from the car and public transport options, users simply enter their details including journey distance, fuel costs and insurance costs and the calculator works out the savings to be had by switching to two wheels – often £1000s!

Notes To Editors

  • Get On is a campaign to get the nation biking and is funded by a levy on every motorcycle and scooter sold in the UK by participating Get On manufacturers and dealers
  • The official website gives details of the companies who are supporting this campaign
  • Riding taster sessions are free and details of where they can be taken are on the website
  • You do not need a car licence in order to 'Get On' but must be aged 16 years or older
  • Everything will be provided: a motorcycle, or scooter if preferred, riding jacket, gloves and helmet will all be available, free of charge, at the training centres offering the riding taster sessions
  • Each taster session lasts for approximately 20 minutes with Get On ‘On the Road’ or 1 hour at a local participating school
  • All riding is conducted in a safe environment and does not take place on public roads
  • 125cc machines can be ridden after completing compulsory basic training (CBT) – usually in just one day and costing around £120
  • Road tax for 125cc machines is just £16 a year

Available Standard Class Adult Season Tickets (Travel must involve passing through or changing at Clandon or Woking.)