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BeautySkin- Pure Light, for Pure Skin

Press Release   •   Jul 18, 2013 14:25 BST

Now available in the UK from The Sad Light Hire Company Ltd, BeautySkin is a revolutionary red and blue light box treatment for acne, spots and blemishes and problem skin.

Studies show that blue and red light at certain wavelengths act together in clearing acne by combining anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory action and that phototherapy with a mixture of blue and red light is an effective treatment for acne vulgaris. BeautySkin is a highly effective cosmetic treatment for both men and women with skin problems that is totally drug free and safe.

"In works. In long...we bought this as our daughter's acne always improves significantly on a sunny holiday. Getting a UV lamp was counter to what we all should know these days about UV being bad, so this seems to be a plausible and safe solution. It arrived safely and on time. It is bigger than it looks in the pics, which is no bad thing. It is well enough made, with clear, simple instructions and it's very easy to operate. It comes with 2 pairs of goggles. The $64,000 question is, of course...does it work? It does. The blurb states quite clearly that it will be a couple of months of daily use before any improvement can be measured and that is correct. We know only too well that some acne treatments work for some and not for others so, having tried so many other things without success, this was a calculated risk but one well worth taking".

Skin disorders and Acne can be debilitating both physically and emotionally, especially living in a culture whose goal is physical perfection. Whether it is status or looks, it is primarily the key to social acceptance Beauty Skin offers a safe and effective alternative harnessing innovative technology for clear skin and emotional wellbeing.

Suitable for home use, Beauty Skin is a surprisingly simple and inexpensive compact tabletop device. By utilizing two specific wavelengths of light, Beauty Skin is shown to excel over many other treatment methods. Use Beauty Skin in the comfort of your own home for just 15 minutes a day and within 8-12 weeks you should begin to see a visible improvement. 

Dr Tony Chu of Hammersmith Hospital, London completed a study involving over 100 patients. Those using combined blue-red light therapy saw a real difference after four weeks and at 12 weeks their skin was, on average, 76% less inflamed and 56% clearer.  Dr. Tony Chu, who led the trial, claimed that the combination of lights both attacked bacteria contributing to the acne, and promoted healing in the skin. 

The Beauty Skin can be used on any part of the body provided that the affected area can be placed within 6" (150mm) of the tubes comfortably for 15 minutes. Also you should have a clean skin while you are exposing it to the Beauty Skin. The 15 minute dosage is per area of skin treated, so if you have two or more areas to treat it is OK to treat 15 minutes per area per day. It does not use the Ultra Violet wavelengths that cause damage to the skin. If you are not satisfied with the result, it is possible to extend the time to 30 minutes, or to use the appliance twice a day.

As the UK agent for this product, we fully understand how the environmental and physical hormones primarily are the root causes for acne. Acne affects up to 80 per cent of adolescents¹. For many, it can be only a few spots, but for others it can be highly painful and debilitating - both emotionally and socially. BeautySkin is an innovative light therapy product which is a safe and effective way to dramatically improve mild-moderate acne within weeks so that you’re left with clearer, healthier-looking skin - more like the real you.”


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