Belvoir Sheffield Issues Stark Warning To Landlords Ahead Of Cold Snap

Press Release   •   Nov 11, 2011 16:58 GMT

As temperatures hit -17 is parts of the UK last year, many landlords were faced with policies which were considered void after they ignored a clause about lagging pipes on the rental properties under their care.

Rick Flay, Director at Belvoir Sheffield, who offer a wide range of property to rent in Sheffield, said: “The cold weather we experienced last year was a wake-up call to many landlords, who had previously thought that they were fully covered in the event of a burst pipe. We are issuing a stark warning to landlords that they should check their insurance policies as soon as possible, to see if they are meeting all of the requirements set out in the small print.

“Many landlords are unaware that under most insurance policies, they are required to lag any pipes that are exposed to cold – particularly those outside or in the roof to prevent freezing. If you leave a property unattended for more than 30 days you must also advise the insurance company and drain down the boiler and water system and shut off the water supply.”

Landlords who fail to take out adequate cover could be faced with the inconvenience of being called out by the tenant late at night, the expense of having to find and call out a reputable emergency contractor at short notice, plus the possibility of having to find alternative accommodation for tenants if the worst should happen.


Belvoir recommend that all landlords get their boiler serviced by a Gas Safe engineer to iron out any potential problems BEFORE the cold weather sets in. Your letting agent can arrange this for you.


Rick added: Frost damage can be avoided by taking a few simple precautions, these include:

  • Make sure your boiler has a frost thermostat, turning the heating on automatically when the temperature reaches freezing.


  • Maintain a low level of heat in the property throughout the day and night.  Especially if the property is to be left empty for several days.


  • Check water tanks in attics, especially where insulation prevents the room heat rising, it may be necessary to remove some insulation.


  • Make tenants aware of the location of stop taps and that they are easy to shut-off in case of an emergency.




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