Best Marketing stunt this Christmas? Smash an Apple iPad!

Press Release   •   Oct 11, 2010 16:45 BST

The Apple iPad is probably the most desirable product on the market today. It’s unique, innovative and expensive – there’s nothing quite like it! Small and independent businesses need to stand out in this tough, global market in order to get themselves known. How? We suggest smashing and destroying an Apple iPad!

Providing the act is planned and executed correctly, it will get you noticed. Thankfully you do not need to spend hundreds of pounds or dollars to get hold of an Apple iPad. You can now get a replica dummy iPad that looks and feels like the real thing from!

One way to use this to your advantage as a small business owner is to literally smash the iPad in public (mind the kids and passer-bys!). For this you will need a Sledge hammer (or your own feet with strength) and a public space. Leave a good space between your act and the audience; maybe get hold of a few cones or fencing to create a barrier around your spectacle. Be sure to announce it on a loud speaker or megaphone before you smash it, to get a small audience to begin with.

Another way to use the dummy iPad is to send it to a news desk or office with a note or even your own press release in order to get it noticed. Of course, this will only work if the actual press release is news worthy itself, so spend time on it before you commit to this.

There are many ways to use a dummy iPad to your advantage as a small business or independent, for your cause. It is up to the imagination of how you exactly do it but the main thing is to have a desirable product that is recognised by the masses. The idea is to create exposure, curiosity and attention. Click here to read more about the Apple iPad Dummy! is based in the UK and was founded in June 2009. With several years of close links to manufacturers and distributors from around the world, it was created with a vision to make the most interesting and rare products available to everyone. Things that make you say ‘I never thought that existed’ and ‘this is so much better than the one I bought for ten times the price!’ Best of all these products are so competitively priced that you’ll have to be thrilled by the amount you pay!

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