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Best thing since sliced bread

Press Release   •   Nov 07, 2011 09:43 GMT

Morrisons’ new ‘Baked by us’ breads raise quality and choice in store with 100% British wheat.

From November 7th, Morrisons will introduce a new and improved range of bread products as part of the retailer’s extensive own brand refresh.  Made using 100% British wheat the ‘Baked by us’ range aims to make Morrisons the destination for bakery shopping.

The new range of breads will be specially produced at Morrisons’ own central bakeries and will now use 100% British wheat.  As Morrisons is the only supermarket to own and run its central bakeries, the supermarket can ensure its plant baked goods are delivered fresh from the oven to the store in hours, thereby guaranteeing great product quality for its customers.  Morrisons bakes over 1.7 million loaves, 2 million rolls and 450,000 muffins every week, with skilled bakers who really know how to produce great quality products in the freshest, tastiest way possible. 

Michael Bates, category director for bakery and chilled desserts, comments: “Bread is such an important part of the weekly shop that we want to ensure we are giving our shoppers the best possible offering.  We have listened extensively to what our customers have told us and undertaken the biggest ever review of our products.  The baked by us range is made using 100% British wheat and provides a wide variety of choice and price points.”  

The launch will see 20 new artisan lines hit the shelves as well as recipe and design improvements across a further 70 lines.  The new range includes:

  • Morrisons’ Farmhouse Loaf 800g / £1.20. A traditional white loaf baked in a tin, split crust and dusted with white flour.  Baked with simple ingredients, this loaf is extremely soft and thick sliced – an ideal bread for sandwiches 
    • Morrisons’ Sunflower and Pumpkin Loaf 800g / £1.20. Enriched with sunflower seeds, linseeds, pumpkin seeds and rye flour and dressed with sunflower and pumpkin seeds, this loaf has a distinctive rich and nutty flavour
    •  Morrisons’ Oat and Barley Loaf 800g / £1.20. A rustic loaf with a barley  sweetness, this bread is made with malted barley, malted wheat flakes and dressed with oats
    • Morrisons’ Stoneground Wholemeal Loaf 800g / £1.20. Made with stoneground wholemeal and barley malt flour, with muscovado sugar for added sweetness.  This loaf will be available in both medium and thick sliced
    • Morrisons’ Batched Tiger Loaf 800g / £1.20. Fermented longer for a fuller flavour, this loaf is batch baked for softness and cooked with a barley paste topping to create a distinct tiger-patterned appearance
    • Morrisons’ Seeded Batch Loaf 800g / £1.20. Batch baked for softness, this loaf is enriched with a mix of five seed varieties: poppy, millet, linseed, sesame and sunflower seeds
    • Morrisons’ Four Seeded Variety Rolls / £0.90. A new and innovative design, this pack contains four different and distinct seeded rolls: oat roll, seeded roll (with sunflower, sesame, poppy and linseed), malted roll and a sunflower and pumpkin seed roll
    • Morrisons’ Mini Batched  White  Rolls and Mini Batched Malted Rolls  / £0.90. Two different and distinct products, both batch baked for softness.  The white rolls are dusted with white flour and the malted rolls have a distinct nutty flavour.  These mini rolls are available in packs of six and are perfect for buffets and parties

The new baked bread launch is part of a wider two-year review by Morrisons of its own label ranges, with over 10,000 new or revised products hitting the supermarket’s shelves.