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Big Appliances offers huge fridges at little prices

Press Release   •   Sep 14, 2010 08:30 BST

Essex, UK (mynewsdesk) September 14 2010 - There’s never been a better time to shop online for Maytag fridge freezers: people are just starting to do their houses up again after the recession, which means the industry is loaded with new kit. And Big Appliances, which has been saving up supplier discounts for nearly 50 years, is in a position to retail a Maytag fridge freezer for way less than any of its competitors. Anyone looking for in-door ice dispensers, side by side fridge freezer functionality and enough actual storage space to put half a supermarket in, ought to be looking here. The boys and girls from Purfleet, Essex, whose white goods supply business has been selling Maytag fridge freezers in the family way since 1964, is starting to show its importing power with these, the biggest of the big guns.

All the best stuff seems to come with an incomprehensible name? The Maytag MSS20FBB13, and the Maytag MSS20FiSi4, both impeccable examples of the above, are no exception. Stupendous storage capacity, outstanding design and quality finishing – all in a Maytag fridge freezer package it’s quicker to write the name of than say. Apparently, the makers of Maytag fridge freezers (and all other good fridge freezers, come to think of it) don’t feel comfortable unless they’ve stymied all potential customers with the kind of product identifications no-one is ever going to be able to remember. You know, like “what’s that fridge freezer we were going to get again? The Maytag, er, the Maytag, um – the Maytag fridge freezer.” Pause for shop assistant to register this. “Do you mean the Maytag MSS20FBB13, sir?” (Or, of course, madam). “Or do you mean the Maytag MSS20FiSi4?”

Big Appliances, fortunately for us, (has a name that is a) easy to remember and b) lets one know exactly what one is in for. Appliances. Big. Like the Maytag fridge freezers they’ve just added to their already excellent list of available products (and yes, the two incomprehensibly coded items alluded to above are there, present and correct). Also fortunately, because a person can simply go to the Big Appliances site and order the Maytag MSS20FBB13 online – or, indeed, should he or she prefer, the Maytag MSS20FiSi4 – one is never again going to run into the problem of actually having to pronounce all that in order to get what one wants.

And, in both cases, customers ordering either of these Maytag fridge freezers from the Big Appliances site are getting themselves huge discounts off recommended retail. In the case of the first one (the MSS20FBB13), that discount comes in at a whacking great 42% off. Practically two for one, then – should anyone in the world need to store enough food to warrant owning not one, but two instances of the frankly huge Maytag MSS20FBB13. The Maytag MSS20FiSi4 comes in at a slightly more respectable 25% off, probably because of its fingerprint resistant stainless steel doors.

About Big Appliances

Big Appliances is an Essex based domestic appliances retailer specializing in Range cookers and American fridge freezers, provide competitive prices through its online platform and its Hornchurch shop. It also provides a wholesale arm of its brand supplying over 100 independent retailers.

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