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Big Appliances once again secures distributor rights of Stoves Flavours Range Cookers

Press Release   •   Sep 10, 2010 08:30 BST

Essex, UK (mynewsdesk) Septemper 10 2010 - It’s also nice for the Essex site to be able to offer a contrasting level of funk across its site – which, only six months ago, was very definitely a two-colour wonder: black, or off-white. Just goes to show the rapidity with which the modern market recovers and demands fresh blood. A year ago, no-one wanted to buy anything: now, they’re all out of the woodwork and clamouring for bright, retro looking kitchen appliances to make them all feel like they’ve gone back in time to a place where recessions don’t exist. While the Stoves Sterling cookers, in its 80s classic browns, beiges and charcoal greys, clearly keeps the stolid contingent happy, the Stoves Flavours range lies nicely next to Big Appliances other offerings, including the stunning Smeg “fab” fridge freezer collection and their heavily discounted range of high end Falcon cookers.

Stoves Richmond, also, now, then, known as Stoves Flavours, fill the gap beneath the Falcon range with style. While Falcons are priced in multiples of thousands, all Stoves range cookers come in at around, or just over, one – making them the affordable high end for most purchasers, and the sensible mid range for the slightly wealthier. That’s a market overlap reflected as much in the colour schemes as the prices. And with that gorgeous Papaya, one is prepared to bet that Big Appliances sell out of their Stoves Flavours range before they get done with anything else this year.

Big Appliances, the Essex based importer, wholesaler and retailer of oversize kitchen goods (American fridge freezers and range cookers a specialty), is making the fashion conscious chef’s mouth water with its stunning collection of Stoves Flavours range cookers. Stoves, the mid-range high end marque behind the Stoves Sterling and Stoves Richmond collections, has opened its oven doors to current trends for a bit of “funk” in the kitchen by naming and colouring a selection of its excellent quality range cookers in bright “food themed” hues. Enter the newest incarnations of the Richmond cooker to have Big Appliances customers salivating: the Papaya, the Jalapeno, and the Aubergine.

Now, none of us came down in the last shower and it’s pretty clear that the Stoves Flavours range ran out of ideas when it got to the “Aubergine” – which, clearly, is dark blue. However. It’s a nice marketing trick, designed to appeal very much to the modern household, with its bright, open kitchen: and the Jalapeno and Papaya examples of these colourful cousins to the Stoves Richmond cookers do seem to be daubed in genuinely unquantifiable shades – and rather nice ones, at that. A personal favourite is the Papaya, which, in a sort of pinkish orangey red brickish kind of a way, is extremely attractive – and definitely marketed at the right level. The Stoves Sterling range cooker remains austerely free from these frivolous colours, allowing both manufacturer and trusted supplier (good old Big Appliances) to offer customers a clear range of choices – fresh and funky, or solid and “classic”.

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