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Big boost for effective project management

Press release   •   Mar 02, 2012 09:08 GMT

Project managers will have their work boosted with the launch of a new cloud-based application which will help them run multiple projects in a simple and effective way.

Called TestLodge, it’s the brainchild of web developer Scott Sherwood who says the system is most effective for small and medium-sized firms and freelance project managers.

Scott says: “TestLodge removes the unnecessary functions in expensive software, known as ‘bloat’, and creates instead a more effective way of working for smaller firms.

“It’s this bloat that means managing the testing kit was actually a project in itself. I thought about what a small or medium-sized company with a small team, or an individual, would need.

“And that is software that can be adapted easily and has a simple interface. The strength of an SME is that it is streamlined and adaptable; that ethos was at the centre of my design for TestLodge.”

The work is a first for entrepreneur Scott who has spent six months developing TestLodge to allow teams to work collaboratively online and manage their test plans and project requirements, as well as create test cases and organise their test runs.

Scott adds: “It’s a great new tool in a project manager’s armoury and much cheaper than many of the competitors out there – and has a wider range of functions too.”

A soft launch earlier this year led to some fantastic reaction from impressed users.

Some of the reaction included:

Michael Tu, a Director of QA at Swype said: "With TestLodge, Swype QAs are able to work seamlessly on test cases and test plans between 3 offices."

Andy Dunn, of Infinite Touch, said: "The user interface is elegantly designed and offers just enough features to include everything necessary without cluttering the screen."

Ken Suzuki, of Asset Management International, said: "I wanted a test case management tool without the hassles of provisioning an internal server, installing and configuring it, worrying about backups."

TestLodge allows an entire team to manage their test plans, input their requirements, test cases and test runs all in one place. At the end of a project, TestLodge provides an evaluation report, helping to measure success and failure.

Scott identified a gap in the market with other testing tools, many of which were designed for larger organisations and projects but were still adopted by freelancers and small businesses. He realised designing a testing kit that better reflected how an SME operates might prove popular.

For more information about TestLodge, visit the website at TestLodge.com.



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TestLodge is a new start-up by Scott and has been funded with just £300 and many hours of his spare time while working as a full time web developer. It’s his experience in project management that brought about this new software to help smaller companies gain from a more effective project management tool.

To see TestLodge in action, please visit our site to watch a video tutorial.

TestLodge offers an online test case management tool, allowing clients to manage test plans, test cases and test runs with ease.