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Big Brother Zombie Creator Joins Death Walks

Press Release   •   Jun 28, 2013 20:19 BST

This week she has terrified Big Brother housemates with her zombie creations, now she is joining Romford based horror project Death Walks.  

Aylesbury based Cat Forsyth, founder of Morgotha SFX was one of a string of talented make-up artists who this week headed to the Big Brother house as part of this weeks shopping task. Housemates were awoken to find a quartet of blood spitting zombies in their gardens. For the housemates it was a terrifying experience, while for one film-maker it was a moment of extreme joy. 

Some weeks earlier director Spencer Hawken had made contact with Cat, and immediately was impressed that she had clocked onto something that others had not. "She got it, she really got it." Said Spencer "I explained a very basic brief of what was required of the task and Cat immediately started throwing obstacles in what I was saying, this had already filled me with Joy because I understood that she really, really knew her stuff. What I never really understood however was just how fantastic a make up artist she was until Big Brother aired, a project she never told me she was doing."

Cat is incredibly modest about her creations, but also really making sure she gets her name out there. "Even though there is no money in this project, she is incredibly upbeat about it, it's people like Cat, their passion, their understanding that really shows what a project like this is all about." said the director. 

Cat Forsyth stated "While it would be nice to earn something of the back of this project, it's more about getting my work out there. I'm building a portfolio of work, and this just adds to it."

Spencer expressed "It's easy to see where Cat is going, she is incredibly talented, really outgoing and i'm sure that very soon she'll be in much demand."

Death Walks is a zero budget film project that is set to redefine the zombie genre, with a series of twists that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats when released in 2014. Shot entirely in Romford's Mercury Shopping Centre, the film is told in almost real time over the course of one night. Filming begins on July 15th.  

Cat's website can be found here

For further information, please contact Spencer Hawken, Director, or Kim Phillips, Messages PR on 01647 277588 (email Or visit their Facebook page

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