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Big Changes for Sheffield-based Cairn Technology

Press Release   •   Nov 22, 2011 12:19 GMT

Cairn Technology are an environmental consultancy based in Sheffield, providing infection control and continence care products and training to hospitals and care homes. They have an extensive range of products spanning chemical spill kits, sterile mats for surgeries and cleaning and disinfectant supplies. Their consultants also conduct full onsite training in the use of the products, to enable hospitals and care homes to maintain a safe and hygienic environment for staff and patients alike.

A move to new offices took place in July, and the company now has much larger premises to enable them to expand their operations and services for the care home sector. The new office is still in Sheffield, but is closer to the M1, which allows for better access for consultants conducting onsite visits, training and environmental monitoring.

Cairn have also taken on four new members of staff, who have joined various areas of operations. Hospital Sales have two new team members, including a new Manager. Care Home Sales have a new member of the Sales team. And  A new Monitoring Consultant is the most recent addition to the company.

The third major change is Cairn’s recently redesigned website, which went live this week and is currently being updated. It includes their full product range – including several new products – as well as information and training services for hospitals. There is also an entirely new section focusing on infection prevention in care homes.

Heather Williams, Cairn Technology’s Marketing Manager, says: “This is an exciting time for Cairn. We’ve moved to new, larger premises, we’ve recruited new staff, we have a great new product and a new website is on the way. Look out for us!”


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Cairn Technology

Cairn Technology are an environmental consultancy based in Sheffield. They are also specialists in infection prevention and control and continence care. Their products and services are used in hospitals and care homes throughout the UK.

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