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Big hit with SEO Kent service

Press Release   •   Sep 06, 2010 14:48 BST

Kent, UK (mynewsdesk), September 06 2010 – CEO Justin is talking about reciprocal linking, an SEO marketing Kent strategy designed to raise the web sites of Kent based businesses to the tops of their respective search engine results pages. Reciprocal linking is a way of promoting one business through the site and activities of another – by identifying products and services that have a natural dove tailing, and using that to build a powerful online community.

JB Creative Marketing has developed an online marketing Kent “business plan”, which, applied to any of the Kent based companies that use the creative marketing team for promotion, links local businesses in to a mutually beneficial marketing drive. That drive encourages Kent businesses to work together to attract web based custom, rather than going it alone.

“There’s no competition between businesses whose products or services complement each other,” says Justin. “So why compete? Our SEO Kent plan works on the theory that two sets of customers are better than one – we bring the market for, say, home and property restorations, and put it in with the market for Kent based companies that make reproduction bricks. Customers who use one start using both and so the business grows.”

It’s a great theory – and it has proven success. Creative marketing Kent strategies based on sharing customer bases are using one of the most effective methods of web traffic control. With JB Creative Marketing’s help they’re able to circumvent big company monopolies on the Internet, by indulging in a method that has worked for traditional businesses since time immemorial. The battle for market space is only ever won by small companies when they band together against the big guys – claiming local superiority over loss leaders and multinational muscle.

CEO Justin Bridges explains how to look for creative marketing Kent opportunities first:

“The idea,” Justin says, “is to use what we already have to make our combined Internet presence stronger. That means strengthening local businesses through a much cleverer use of the net.”

The way it works, in simple terms, is this: if you go onto a web site for property redevelopment and you see a link for a company that makes reproduction antique bricks, you might click through to have a look at their range. Search engines know that – so when they look for results to specific queries they tot up the links they find pointing to any one site in the same way that a panel of judges would total votes for a competitor.

If enough companies start doing this, as they do in the online marketing Kent service provided by JB Creative Marketing, then a web community evolves: a community that gets good site traffic for all its members by opting for power in numbers rather than attempts to strike out solo.

The SEO Kent package offered by JB is clever, simple and, so far, successful. Maybe soon it’ll be taken up as a model for the whole country.

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