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BIM + Linked Data = True Location Intelligence

Press Release   •   May 23, 2016 16:14 BST

Connecting additional data sources to building information models provides project teams and clients with a richer basis for accurate decision-making.

Since Man first started to build assets, it can be surmised that, we have considered their location in the surrounding environment – whether positioning buildings or seeking the best alignment for a linear asset such as a road, railway line or pipeline. For many years, our planning has been supported by physical measurement and paper depiction of natural features and man-made buildings by agencies such as the Ordnance Survey (OS): now we are digitising what was once a paper-based process using technologies such as Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Digital Revolution

Laser scanning, photogrammetry and GPS are increasingly being used to capture detailed ‘point clouds’ which can be used to create a three-dimensional, geo-located model set in its surroundings. Such data is also increasingly being used to support BIM processes – before, during and post construction – and the integration of accurate geospatial data with BIM is becoming a business-critical issue.

Location intelligence

But we need to go further than just digitising our maps and models of the physical environment. There needs to be greater convergence between BIM and geospatial, to create true ‘location intelligence’. Alongside BIM, with ‘Smart Cities’ thinking, the development of the ‘Internet of Things’ and publication of Open Linked Data, location intelligence is being used to underpin decisions and address a wider range key social, environmental and economic challenges

BIM + Linked Data

An infrastructure project’s information can be rapidly combined with external data sources – for example, using OS data to show surrounding building heights, or crime hotspots, or areas prone to flooding. Such data will often by made available by project partners, and your organisation might also relate its BIM interactions to data held in internal ERP, HR, sales and other corporate systems.

GroupBC is pioneering the wider application of linked data around BIM. Using the BC ‘Semantic BIM’ platform, you can exploit far richer seams of data, potentially unearthing vital ‘nuggets’ of information for accurate and timely decision-making by you and your teams.

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