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Press Release   •   Oct 13, 2010 10:42 BST

Sept 6, 2010 – RiTech International BV


The increment of cybercrimes had been a great threat to many high level management of company. To normal IT users, data lost from their USB, Hard disk, may not cause a lot of troubles. But to high level manager in some big company, some loss of confidential data may costs them million or more than million dollar loss. To military field, data loss may even cause war.


For encounter advance hackers, IT technology has improved to a stage which some of the USB company start to invent their ever first Encrypted Biometric USB Storage Device.


With wide deployments of flash drives being used in various environments, the issue of data and information security remains of the utmost importance. The use of biometrics and encryption is becoming the norm with the need for increased security for data.”

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Our company, RiTech Technology, is also one of the advanced companies that creating our own Biometric USB Storage Device and try to achieve a level of absolute security USB that can defend all sort of data theft.


Among all the products (Signature, Signature Lite, BioImmobilizer, iDEA Matrix), iDEA Matrix stands in a very purchaser-friendly market with the best for quality and security but price fairly for purchase. On our web site (RiTech Technology Pvt. Ltd.) You may learn the features listed below:


Protection using Biometric Swipe Sensor
A stronger defense than normal password defense access. Along with 6 spaces of available fingerprint storage (2 Administrator Fingerprints, 4 User Fingerprint).

True driverless zero footprint technology
Run on nearly the entire OS platform that we commonly know. An amazing technology, that your USB would not be found from computer even that you’d already connected your USB with your laptop. It will turn on only after your had authenticate a correct fingerprint.

Chip-based Hardware AES 256 Encryption for private area data
A high-end encryption technology that well protected the data in Private Area. A AES 256 bits encryption key would need a trillion years to completely hack through.

Dual protection for private area data (fingerprint & password authentication)
Double layer of protection, securely defend with biometric and password defense. The data area which without password defense (public area) can apply on some mid/low level manager.


Beside these incredibly secure technology, iDEA Matrix come along with two more amazing software that control the data storage and blocking others USB devices to avoid others hacking method.


l   DiskManager2
This is the software which manage the private area data’s password and splitting the partition by user’s request (Public, 1 Private + 1 Public, 1 Private + 2 Public).

l   CenterTools DriveLock
This software will block any incoming devices by user’s will. As if hacker will be able to hack your laptop by using their “tools” (e.g. USB, HDD, and etc), this software will close the “door” for all targeted devices.

Rohos Logon Key
With this software, user can do some customize setting to define their own iDEA Matrix as the logon key to their laptop. For users who are busy, or their laptop secure with a long password, they can use this software to skip over password typing with only a fingerprint swipe.

Founded over 15 years ago with the vision of becoming a leader in the Biometrics Security Industry, today we have a range of products that showcase our capability as a designer, manufacturer and developer of innovative products. These include our renowned BioSlimDisk with cryptography capabilities and Biometrics Immobilizer Solution. The mobile device market is now seeing more and more hardware-based encryption devices and our Signature offers private access control and excellent data protection that is suitable for anyone that requires a high level of security for their confidential data. As keys have been moved into hardware, it is now easier to implement and manage encryption and this particular device has dual-fingerprint, a unique self-destruct tamper protection feature and it also uses dual authentication methodology. A similar product that is ideal for transporting around highly confidential information is the BioSlimDisk, which secures information reliably by use of your fingerprint and will not leave behind any footprint on a local system. As the occurrence of unauthorized access to confidential information has become a threat to high level executives you can be confident that you information will be safely stored on this device. Simply coldboot your computer, insert it and get to work.