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Birthdayplanet.Net: The Newest And Coolest Social-Networking Site Dedicated To Birthdays

Press release   •   May 01, 2013 08:17 BST, the world’s newest and coolest social networking was launched on the 15th of April 2013. Have you ever wondered what is the most popular birthday in the world? Or how many people in the world share the same birthday as you? will tell you – and connect you with them.

At, three main things are possible: First, users are able to find the place where their birthday is most popular. Second, they can meet other people who share the same birthday as them. Third – and this is a particularly useful innovation – they can share party ideas with other members.

"Once I had a bet with my friends. We wanted to know the date when the most people had birthday. We've googled that, but didn't get the exact answer anyway. That is how the idea of making came up. But plain numbers are desperately boring, so we've decided to add more options like "Send greetings", "Blog about your party", "Check out different party ideas, rate and share them with your friends". And there are even more cool features to be added in the nearest time, but I don't want to spoil and shout out all the secrets in advance" - says Alicia Milford, brand manager of BirthdayPlanet.

On , users can choose from a variety of e-cards to send to other birthday celebrants - not only that, they can also share birthday parties, photos and also rate the parties of other members.

Planning a party but stuck on ideas (we’ve all been there!)? also offers a blogging platform where members can share party-fun ideas. Users share their ideas on party invitations, what decorations to use and where to get them. There can be suggestions for food and drinks, party favors and of course, the essential games and entertainment. also offers ideas on other kinds of parties, with a special section devoted to baby showers, for example. For star struck users, offers a little peak into how famous celebrities celebrate their parties, the grand way.

It is very easy to join, and would-be members have the reassurance that won’t have to give too much information when signing up. Everything is bright and user friendly, with no complicated forms to complete when joining You can log in using your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account. is not only a social-networking website devoted to all about birthdays. It’s a fun place to be, to know who the other birthday celebrants are, send them birthday greetings, meet them, be friends with them, share ideas with them, and party with them. All in one website,

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