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Blue Moose Reveal How to become a Body Language Expert Overnight

Press release   •   Mar 16, 2018 13:07 GMT

With no second chance at a first impression, Blue Moose urge businessmen and women to assess their body language in a bid to boost overall first impression.

Blue Moose: About the firm.

Business centres around communication, Blue Moose a fast-developing marketing agency are confident, the more efficient the communicator, the vaster the career opportunities.Standing firm on body language is a crucial skill that everyone should look to improve the firm hosted a workshop to educate and inspire a more conscious approach to winning a strong first impression.

Be open to new people: Always approach all new faces positively, a warm, genuine smile and a Hi go a long way to creating a warm welcome.In business, there will always be the introduction of new people, often without the introduction of title or role.Always be kind as it can never be known when you may meet that person again, and the circumstances under.

Stand up straight, and relax: Be sure to stand tall but not rigid, slouching can communicate a lack of interest insincerity and dislike to a situation. It is important to appear confident immediately, it offers support to information shared and builds confidence in the relationship from the offset.

Greet the crowd: A confident person can greet an entire room with relaxed eye contact, and a communal greeting. A calm entry and welcome encourage reciprocal behaviours.

Angle yourself towards the person you are speaking to: Always face the front of the body to whomever the conversation is with. By turning away, the other party may feel their opinion doesn't matter, or that information is being hidden.

Blue Moose is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Manchester. The company specialises in a personalised form of direct marketing which helps them to connect with their clients’ ideal consumers directly. This one-to-one interaction establishes a strong business relationship between brand and consumer which, in turn, helps lead to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.

Blue Moose is dedicated to providing thorough workshops in areas which will better equip young entrepreneurs for the industry. As a fast developing firm, they are keen to give back to the local economy by sourcing their workforces locally and offering opportunities to those who demonstrate potential versus experience or qualifications.Post-workshop the firm found those who utilized their new skills boosted their sales conversion rates and improved overall customer experience levels.


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Blue Moose is a direct marketing agency that offers ongoing sales solutions for clients in a range of business sectors. Already established in many locations across the UK, Blue Moose is fast becoming one of the country’s most successful personalised marketing specialists.