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Boss Enterprise Inc. launch an investigation into attracting young talent.

Press Release   •   Apr 11, 2018 15:33 BST

Boss Enterprise Inc. has recently launched an investigation into workplace recruitment after discovering that the cost of a floor level workplace replacement totals 30% of the annual salary of an individual, which can increase dramatically based on experience. In a quest to attract and retain top talent the firm has researched ways to avoid such statistics.

Boss Enterprise Inc.: About the firm.

Boss Enterprise Inc. is the direct sales and marketing firm based in Quincy, Massachusetts. The firm is determined to attract top talent, whether this is a graduate, interns or experienced professionals. The firm runs an in-house business development program designed to expand the skills and qualities of their contractors, which they find attracts motivated professionals.

Research into the subject found that companies across the US generally spend $15,000 per employee on replacement costs and recruitment. In an ever-changing job market where over 70% of the present workforce is in the millennial and generation Z age range, the firm has launched an investigation into how to attract top talent.

Be an advocate for employee growth states Boss Enterprise Inc. This is an aspect close to the heart of the firm, finding that it expands drive and employee motivation. The firm continually develops their in-house program with advanced coaching, one-to-one mentoring and collaboration amongst contractors.

Swiftly and efficiently managing negativity is essential in business states the firm, recognizing areas of negativity such as jealousy and sabotage must be dealt with correctly. The firm advises using methods such as performance reviews, team meetings, and setting clear company standards.

Openly recognizing performance is a crucial aspect of the firm’s business model states Boss Enterprise Inc. This will ensure newer contractors feel valued with the scope to progress with the company, enhancing a culture of excellence.

Boss Enterprise Inc. are experts in their field, and as such are eager to continue their acquisition of top talent, actively seeking individuals that they can train and develop into excellent brand ambassadors. The firm is passionate about creating future industry leaders, helping to shape the sales and marketing sector over the next few years.



Managing Director: Kuralay Bekbossynova

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