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Boss Enterprise Inc. responds to hugely successful Quincy based Business Expo

Press Release   •   Apr 06, 2018 14:30 BST

Boss Enterprise Inc. is the Quincy based direct sales and marketing firm that has a strong focus on developing business in their local community. The firm has therefore released a statement on a regional business seminar and how this is helping to accelerate the careers of local entrepreneurs and shape the future of the Massachusetts city.

Boss Enterprise Inc.: About the firm.

The 6th annual Quincy Business Expo was held last month at the local High School and has shown extensive growth since its inception six years ago. The event covered a vast array of industries ranging from nonprofit organizations to local products and services. The event covered the Quincy city and surrounding areas and was open to over 60 local businesses.

Quincy is the Boss Enterprise Inc.’s HQ location and has a secure place in American history. The city has been home to two of the countries past presidents, has a booming railway industry and a healthy economy.

Boss Enterprise Inc. has explored the importance of local business events, in not only accelerating the experience of established companies but also inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs. The firm is ecstatic that the event was held at Quincy’s local high school, understanding that this was aimed to encourage young students to delve into the world of business while networking with business owners to whom they can relate.

The event presented a variety of opportunities for individuals hoping to establish or accelerate their own careers. The firm understands that the expo presented numerous possibilities to network, showcase skills and market businesses.

This year's business expo had a strong focus on nonprofit organizations, a subject close to the heart of Boss Enterprise Inc. The firm is continually looking to expand their client base and is eager to delve into further industries, taking the opportunity to coach and develop the skills of their contractors.

A representative for the business has released a statement “We are ecstatic to see the return of the Quincy Business Expo, and we are hopeful it will continue for many more years. Local events such as this act as a great inspiration for the young people of Massachusetts, we’re excited to see the next generation of entrepreneurs in our city.”



Managing Director: Kuralay Bekbossynova

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